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Children's Program

Princeton Academy of Martial Arts Children's Program is amazingly insightful and life altering for its students. PAMA's Children's Program provides traditional martial arts theory with a practical and reality based physical martial arts program. Our program is one that is value and character oriented. The character qualities of Respect for Self and for Others, Humility, Perseverance, Self-Control, Honesty, and Cultivation of an Indomitable Spirit are emphasized and cultivated in every class. Teaching martial arts without these values is missing the essence of true martial arts and the warrior spirit.

Parents can be assured that through PAMA classroom training sessions their children will be developing the types of skills and character building that will carry over into all aspects of their lives. Classes are inviting, inspiring, and fun while at the same time being educational and goal directed. Professionalism, Character, and Education are the key points of the Children's Program at the Princeton Academy of Martial Arts. Our Children's Program instructors are successful college graduates and dedicated martial artists in their own right who bring seasoned expertise and skills to the program.

Please call PAMA today to sign your child up for a free trial class. You will be amazed by a child's desire to cultivate all these invaluable skills!