August 2003 Newsletter

Student of the Month

Name: Dana Yedwab

Martial Arts Experience: 4 years Jun Fan JKD, 1-2 years Kali, 1 year Silat, and 6 months Grappling. All at PAMA.

Occupation: Project manager at the New Jersey Division of Codes and Standards.

How did you hear about PAMA? Why did you come to PAMA? What was your first impression of PAMA?

I was looking to try martial arts. I saw an ad in the phonebook and was immediately interested. I had always admired Bruce Lee. At first glance PAMA seemed to be an outstanding facility, with exceptional instruction.

Your impression of PAMA today?

My initial impression holds true, except now I have a greater appreciation for all of the arts offered at PAMA.

What is your favorite art?

Jun Fan JKD with Silat a close second.

What do you like most about PAMA?

I like most the variety of arts and instruction.

PAMA Get-Together a Success

PAMA students and their families got together recently for an afternoon of volley ball, softball, eating and other kinds of fun in PAMA's backyard. A fun time was had by all as can be seen in the photos. (Thanks to photographer Kurt Komoda.)

Instructor of the Month

Name: Mary Jo Colli

Martial Arts Experience: Training at PAMA for 5 1/3 years. Began in the women’s kickboxing classes for about 1 year under the instruction and guidance of Simo Amy. This influence and training encouraged me to continue to explore martial arts and cross-train in the coed classes.

Occupation: Presently, I am a Senior Business Analyst for ETS (Educational Testing Service) but my interest and aptitude have led me into the field of Assisted Thai Yoga. This unique blend of energy and bodywork has fascinated me and drawn my life in a completely different direction. I am now certified by the Lotus Palm School of Montreal and I am continuing to make this a larger part of my life.

Mary Jo is an instrumental asset to PAMA. You most likely know or have seen her. She is almost always at PAMA. Mary Jo has broad experience in the arts taught at PAMA and she is very dedicated. She is quick so don't get hypnotized by her smiling eyes for too long.

How did you get into martial arts? Where did you get the interest?

My grandmother loved Bruce Lee and I used to spend Saturdays watching Gung Fu movies with her when I was a little girl. My grandfather was a boxer and fought many fights with an excellent record while he served in the US Marine Corp. I have pictures of myself very young hitting the heavy bag with him.

How did you hear about PAMA and what made you try it out?

A male friend of mine from college used to train at PAMA and raved about Sifu Rick, the curriculum, and the facility. When I mentioned an interest in kickboxing as a form of exercise he suggested PAMA. Getting in shape was what I originally had in mind but I have gained a phenomenal amount more then a toned physique.

What are your favorite areas or techniques?

I must say that I love all of the arts. Presently, I am in training for a NAGA (North American Grappling Association) tournament in Wildwood on August 2, so that is consuming a lot of my training time outside of class.

Anything else you would like to say about yourself or PAMA?

I would like to thank Sifu Rick for allowing me to assist in the instruction of others. Being able to assist and teach at PAMA has given me great joy and pleasure, and to be able to share my experiences with others is insurmountable.

Congratulations!!! (Ages 6-7)

From left: Instructor Carrie, Evan Hughes, and Instructor Hank.

Congratulations to Evan for passing the test to receive his Blue Sash.

Congratulations!!! (Ages 8-13)

From left: Sam Esposito and Kyle Moore.

Congratulations to Sam and Kyle for passing the test to receive their Green Sash.

Start Planning Ahead. . .

PAMA is hosting a seminar by Ajarn Chai Sirisute in Thai Boxing on September 13 and 14, and a seminar by Sifu Dan Inosanto in JKD/Silat/Kali on October 25 and 26. So plan ahead and reserve those dates for these special events. If you need to get "permission" from your significant other (you know you do) then mention it now. Don't wait for the last minute.

Go to the PAMA Seminar Schedule page for up to date and more information.

Book of the Month

"Chinese Gung Fu -
The Philosophical Art of Self Defense"
by Bruce Lee

This is an illustrated book written by Bruce Lee about traditional Chinese Gung Fu. It introduces the Chinese art from Bruce Lee's eyes and with his experience. Bruce Lee provides important pointers, and covers stances, training, and techniques. This book includes views of the author by Ed Parker, J. Y. Lee, and Wally Jay.

Newsletter Author: Asaf Ronen