July 2003 Newsletter

Congratulations!!! (Level II)

From left to right: Steve Lidz, Kurt Komoda,
Mary Jo Colli, Mike Wohlfert, and Ken Brunson.

Congratulations to Steve, Kurt, Mary Jo, Mike, and Ken (pictured above), and to David and Ray (pictured below).

David Ramsay

Ray Ng

This year Steve passed the Level II Kali test and the Level II JKD test. Kurt, Ken, David, and Ray passed the Level II JKD test. Mary Jo and Mike passed the Level II Kali test.

Passing the Level II JKD test allows you to participate in the JKD Level II classes reserved for advanced material and qualified people.

Passing the Level II Kali test allows you to train in Kali Level II material reserved for qualified people.

Surprise Visit

From left to right: Luthien Tungol, Gil Earendil Tungol,
Sam Esposito, Anthony Szewczyk, and Mike Schies.

I gave the Saturday kids class (ages eight to thirteen) a surprise visit. Watch out, they look cute, but don't let that fool you. They are dangerous and quick...

Congratulations!!! (4 months)

Sifu Rick watches as several students testing for 4 Month do their Jun Fan salutation

Congratulations to Adam Elga, Bernard Seaborn, Lisa Melendez, Wayne Brown, and Hank Goodhue for passing the JKD Basic Student Level I test. This test is available to help you track your progress. To qualify to take this test you must have trained in the back of JKD class for at least four months.

Open Training Saturday Afternoon

Assistant instructor Neil Acevedo training on the wooden dummy.

Saturday afternoon, after all the classes for the day have ended, is a great time to come in on the weekend and train what you learned during the week. Take a brake from things and come in. You have both training rooms available with all the equipment.

Assistant instructor Ken Brunson and
student Brian Matson sparring lightly.

Legends Camp 2003

The Legends Camp 2003 took place at the Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts in Los Angeles California from June 5th to June 8th. Some people from PAMA attended this camp.

Legends instructors Dan Inosanto, Chai Sirisute, Francis Fong, and Jean Jacques Machado came together under one roof to teach attendees the arts of Kali, Silat, Jun Fan, JKD, Jiu Jitsu, Wing Chun, and Thai boxing.

Legends Camp 2003.

Legends Camp 2003.


Instructor of the Month

Name: Glenn Herman

Martial Arts Experience: 5 Years at PAMA Studying Jun Fan Gung Fu, Kali, Grappling, and Muay Thai. Yellow Belt in Judo. 2 years of Hatha Yoga. Yellow belt in Boka (combination of Tae Kwon Do, Issihn Ryu, and kickboxing).

Occupation: Physical Therapist and part owner of Therapy Management Services, LLC a home care subcontracting company.

Glenn is an assistant instructor at PAMA. You can usually find him at PAMA Monday and Tuesday evenings. He is a great person and teacher. He is very patient, attentive, and approachable. Glenn is great at explaining to you a technique in its basic elements in a way that is easy to understand.

We asked Glenn some questions about his martial arts background.

How did you get into martial arts? Where did you get the interest?

I began Judo training in High School at age 15 under Sensei David Jakubiec O.F.M who was the vice principal at my high school (Archbishop Ryan). After his untimely death my training was put on hold until college where I studied Boka.

How did you hear about PAMA and what made you try it out?

I found PAMA through researching Sijo Bruce Lee and Jeet Kune Do on the internet. I kept seeing PAMA in association with Jeet Kune Do, so I came to try it out.

Anything else you would like to say about yourself or PAMA?

I tried eight different schools in the PA and NJ area and found nothing comparable to the variety of classes and training regimen provided by PAMA.

In my early training I only saw the physical side of martial arts. PAMA has helped me to see the intellectual, spiritual and philosophical components necessary to become a complete martial artist.

Glenn is expecting his first child in August, so congratulate him next time you see him.

New Yoga Class

PAMA is bringing back Yoga classes. These classes are going to be taught by a certified Yoga instructor, Hani, from India . Hani has eighteen years teaching experience. You will be taught about the various styles of Yoga, such as Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Anusara Yoga, and Astanga Yoga. Learn the correct way to breath according to Yoga, how to stretch and tone your muscles, take care of your lower back and upper body, improve circulation, increase strength, flexibility, balance, and alignment. Reduce stress and learn to relax. Time and weekday for class to be announced. Stay tuned.

Congratulations!!! (8 months)

From left to right: Joe Cargado, Pia Eerikäinen, Vincent Hughes, Keith Byrd.

Congratulations to Joe, Pia, Vincent, and Keith (pictured above) for passing the JKD Basic Student Level II test. This test is available to help you track your progress. To qualify to take this test you must have trained in the back of JKD class for at least eight months.

At the end of the test you receive personal feedback from Sifu Rick Tucci. This personal approach can help you improve your martial arts in your own individual way.

Sifu Rick Tucci giving test takers feedback.

Self Defense Workshop

On Wednesday July 2nd at 7:00 pm Sifu Rick Tucci is offering a Self Defense workshop. This workshop is open to PAMA members. Please register at the Pro Shop.

Congratulations!!! (Ages 6-7)

Children from left to right: Sophie Karp, David Lopoo, Hannah Karp, Sunil Ramakrishnan, and Nicholas Chow.

Congratulations to Sunil for passing the test to receive a Green Sash. Congratulations to David, Nicholas, Sophie, and Hannah for passing their test to receive a Gold Sash.

Buddha says. . .

"You should encourage yourself, yourself. You should restrain yourself, yourself. When you are self-protected like that, you will live happily." - source

"One is one's own guard. What other guard could one have? One is one's own destiny. Therefore one should train oneself, like a merchant does a thoroughbred horse." - source

CPR Class

Below are some pictures of PAMA students taking the CPR class offered at PAMA in June to PAMA members


Newsletter Author: Asaf Ronen