June 2003 Newsletter


Book of the Month

Title: Martial Arts - The Spiritual Dimension

Author: Peter Payne

The aim of all eastern martial arts is not simply to defeat one's opponent, but to attain the intuitive sense of flow, complementarity and harmony that comes with the highest level of mastery. Systems and techniques range from those using deadly weapons to the "breath throw" of Aikido, where an attacker finds himself flying through the air without the slightest touch from the master. Strength arises, not from muscular training, but from the balance of the three energy levels of Body, Breath and Mind. A true master will have a "tranquil, unified spirit which is like the ocean, from which the surging waves of defense and attack can arise and into which they again dissolve".

- Taken from the back of the book

Low on Energy

Have you ever came to class and felt low on energy? Didn't have time to eat dinner before class? Grab one of the variety of energy bars available at the Pro Shop. One or two bites and you'll feel revived.

Also, did you know, drinks are not allowed in the training rooms, except for bottled water, also available at the Pro Shop.

Answer to "Name the Technique"

Last month I asked you to name the technique in the following picture of Bruce Lee that is hanging in the main training room.

This technique is a flavor of the Lin Sil Die Da, a simultaneous block and hit.

Capoeira Next Door

Capoeira is alive and strong at PAMA. When you hear exotic music coming from the blue training room and see people with their feet up in the air you know the Capoeira class is in session.

Buddha Says...

"Though one were to defeat thousands upon thousands of men in battle, if another were to overcome just one - himself, he is the supreme victor." - source

"Mind precedes its objects. They are mind-governed and mind-made. To speak or act with a peaceful mind, is to draw happiness after oneself, like an inseparable shadow." - source

Missed out? Not any more.

If you missed the chance to get your hands on the Dan Inosanto book at his last seminar before they quickly ran out and you are still interested in getting it, the book is now available at the Pro Shop.


Sparring Wednesday Night

PAMA Jacket

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PAMA at the MAIA SuperShow 2003

What is MAIA?

MAIA (Martial Arts Industry Association) is an innovative and creative martial arts business association, whose mission is to grow the martial arts industry. MAIA is affiliated with Century Martial Arts, the largest martial arts equipment manufacturer.

What is the SuperShow?

The SuperShow is a huge, lavish four-day event at the Las Vegas Hilton, organized by MAIA, covering all aspects of the martial arts industry. In this show manufacturers, like Swain, Action Flex and Century, display their latest product developments.

PAMA at the SuperShow

Frank Silverman, the organizer of the show, extended an invitation to Sifu Rick to participate in the show by presenting a classroom skills and drills workshop on JKD and Kali. Sifu Rick was the only instructor providing such a workshop at the SuperShow, and was featured along with other martial arts notables, such as Bill Superfoot Wallis, Royce Gracie, and Frank Shamrock.

Over 60 people participated in Sifu Rick's workshop. The workshop was aimed at school owners seeking to improve their curriculum and knowledge. Sifu Rick, with the assistance of Sihing Neil Acevedo, demonstrated kickboxing techniques from JKD, trapping, footwork, mobility drills, and Kali empty hands techniques and methods among other things. Bernie Dudley was also there to assist. The enthusiasm and response of the attendees was magnificent.

"It was a Class A event that was extremely informative and entertaining" says associate instructor Bernie Dudley.

Sihing Bernie Dudley, Sifu Rick Tucci, and Sihing Neil Acevedo at SuperShow 2003

Newsletter Author: Asaf Ronen