_May 2003 Newsletter_



Student Profile of the Month



Gregg Suskin




Filmmaker, editor, writer, and producer

Martial Arts Experience:

Tae Kwon Do (10 yrs)

Seido Karate (2 yrs)

Jeet Kune Do (1.5 yrs)



Reason for Coming to PAMA

Gregg was referred to PAMA by Neil Campus, long time dedicated PAMA student.  He was looking for a place to find great instruction and teaching.   The art did not matter. Sifu Rick and PAMA have fit the bill more then Gregg could have ever hoped!


First Impression of PAMA

The first class that Gregg tried was Jun Fan.  He liked the amount of instruction and instructors for the beginners.  He considers himself a slow learner so this was very important to him.


Impression of PAMA Today

Over time Gregg’s feelings for martial arts have grown increasingly stronger.  PAMA is very conducive to strengthening this bond.  Martial arts are forms of physical meditation for Gregg.


Favorite Art

Silat because it is so different from any of the other arts that he has ever studied.  There is so much to learn and it is so new and vibrant to Gregg.


What do you Love Most About PAMA

Gregg loves the camaraderie here, it is very important to him.  Other schools had a lot of elitism.  But at PAMA he feels real camaraderie and it is nice to feel such closeness to his classmates even given the variety of different backgrounds they may all have.




From left to right: Kurt Komoda, Ken Brunson, and Stephen Lidz. The people that passed in March will be pictured in next month's newsletter.


Congratulations to David Ramsay and Ray Ng for passing the JKD level 2 test in March, and congratulations to Stephen Lidz,

Ken Brunson Jr., and Kurt Komoda for passing the JKD level 2 test in April.



Dan Inosanto Seminar was Educational


The weekend of April 26 and 27 Guru Dan Inosanto gave an emotional and intense seminar.  The central theme of the seminar was adapting to the winds of change.  Guru Dan Inosanto emphasized the importance of revising and readjusting the martial arts as the martial arts community is becoming more and more sophisticated.


Guru Dan Inosanto also emphasized the usefulness of techniques and training methods that can be applied using different weapons and in different environments.


It was eminently clear at the seminar how close Guru Dan Inosanto was to Bruce Lee when Bruce Lee was alive, and how important Guru Dan is for the passage of the knowledge to the general public and future generations.  The seminar was a great opportunity to get Guru Dan’s picture and autograph.






Name the Technique


Answer in next month's newsletter




From left to right: Luthien Tungol, Gil Earendil Tungol, and Danielle Sunga. The other kids will be pictured in next months newsletter.


Congratulations to Andrew David, Matthew Morales, Mark Morales, Danielle Sunga, Gil Earendil Tungol, and Luthien Tungol for passing the test for
Gold Sash.



Upcoming Test for Blue Stash

Qualified kids currently with Green sash will be testing for Blue sash on Saturday May 17 at 2:00 pm.



Assistant Instructor Profile of the Month



Mike Wolhfert




Assistant Supervisor, and small business owner

Martial Arts Experience:

Jeet Kune Do




(5.5 yrs)



Mr. Flexibility!


Assistant Instructor Mike Wolhfert, otherwise known as Max Wohlfrank, has been a student at PAMA for five and one-half years.  At the age of 9 Mike began reading Ninja Magazine and Inside Kung Fu and thus began his martial arts journey.  At the age of 13 he began his fascination with Bruce Lee and as a sophomore he and his buddies began training JKD in the basement with the assistance of books and videos.  It was at this age that he began to hear stories about PAMA.  His aspirations were to one day (after getting a drivers license!) train at this illustrious Academy.  At the age of 20 Mike, with his childhood behind him, set off for some intense training at PAMA.


Many moons later Mike now cross trains in all of the arts.  “Max” is famous for his ability to bend, adjust and fall with grace and a quick recovery, thus being a favorite for Sifu Rick to use to demonstrate Silat.


Mike is employed by Merrill Lynch in Hopewell as an Assistant Supervisor of Card Issuance.  Mike also owns and operates MWPromotions, which conducts autographic signings for different athletes and sells sports memorabilia.  Ask Mike about all of the famous boxers that he has met including Ali and Larry Holmes!



Book of the Month



“Masters of Arnis Kali & Eskrima” by Edgar Sulite

copyright 1993 printed in the Philippines.


This book covers the techniques and history of the various Arnis, Kali, and Eskrima masters and grand masters. It contains many pictures of single stick versus single stick and single stick versus empty hand techniques. It is a great visual guide. You can get this book at the Pro Shop. Check it out.




Sifu Rick will be heading to Las Vegas this month as a featured speaker at the Martial Arts SuperShow 2003, organized by MAIA (Martial Arts Industry Association), in Las Vegas.  Full story coming up in next month’s newsletter.




Attributes Class


Every Friday at 6:00PM there is an attributes development class at PAMA. In this class Sifu Rick works on developing speed, strength, agility, flexibility, and balance among other attributes. You are highly encouraged to try this class out. This class can help you greatly improve your performance in the martial arts.


Lots of thanks to: Asaf Ronen for organizing and putting the stories and pictures together, and Mary Jo Colli for interviewing the student and instructor of the month and writing related columns.



__Newsletter Authors: Asaf Ronen, Mary Jo Colli__