April 2003 Newsletter


April marks the beginning of a new page at PAMA.  Starting this month, as a member of the academy, you may take as many classes a week as you would like.  This is a great opportunity to start cross training in some of the other arts at the academy that you were thinking of trying out, but didn’t want to do at the expense of classes you were already taking.

Try out mixed grappling to learn more about defending yourself on the ground.  Take a class in Muay Thai to learn how to use your knees and elbows in close encounters.  Sharpen your sensitivity and reaction in the trapping class.  Teach your body coordination and awareness with weapons in the Kali and Kali knife classes.

Take a look at the PAMA Class Schedule and fit a few more classes into your weekly routine.

Warming up before class on Saturday.

Sifu Dan Inosanto Seminar


The most important event of the year is coming up this month.  Sifu Dan Inosanto, Bruce Lee’s student and friend and Sifu Rick Tucci’s instructor, is providing a two day seminar Saturday April 26 and Sunday April 27, 10:30 am to 5:00 pm both days, at the Hun School Gymnasium in Princeton.  Register now online or register at the pro shop next time you are at PAMA.

Sifu Dan Inosanto is the heir to Bruce Lee’s legacy of Jeet Kune Do and the only person ever to receive instructor certification in Jeet Kune Do personally from Bruce Lee.  From 1964 to 1973, Sifu Inosanto was Bruce Lee’s private student, sparring partner, training partner and chief instructor of the Chinatown JKD school in Los Angeles.

Sifu Inosanto will teach Jun Fan Gung Fu (kickboxing, trapping, and locking).  He will also teach Filipino Kali and various systems of Indonesian, Filipino and Malaysian Silat.  He will show the drills, techniques, and applications of both empty hands and weapons.  Take advantage of this opportunity to train with the legendary Dan Inosanto, and experience firsthand his skill, grace and incredible wealth of knowledge spanning countless styles of martial arts.

Answers to Last Month’s Trivia Questions

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Sifu Rick Tucci and Guru Dan Inosanto

Don’t get too close to him

Best Smile Award


Kendrick (or Ken for short) is an assistant instructor at PAMA.  He is tough and dangerous, but most importantly watch out for his smile, because it will win you over instantly.

Whether Ken puts his hands around Kali sticks or drum sticks he can whip up wonders.  Learn from the pro.  Ken has years of experience in Kali, Silat, and Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do.

He is friendly, patient and a great instructor and colleague.  Just say hello to him and you’ll see what I mean.

Children’s Test


On Saturday April 12 at 2:00 PM qualified children need to attend the test for gold belt.  See instructor Neil for more information.

Mary Joe’s kids class doing Kali drills

Mary Joe’s kids class doing Kali drills

What’s New in the Pro Shop


PAMA has T-shirts with a new design.  Check them out at the Pro Shop.

The Jun Fan series is now available on DVD.  Choose from VHS tapes or DVDs.

Check out the cool posters in the Pro Shop.

Newsletter Author: Asaf Ronen