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New Year's Resolutions

by Mary Jo Colli

It is the NEW year, the holidays are over. Time to get back in gear!!! Get over the winter blues with intensity, focus, and fitness. You will be amazed how great your mind and body will feel with intellectual and physical stimulation. Regardless of what is going on in the world as warriors we need to transcend - rise above and create a fresh New Year!

This list gives some great pointers to help enhance and maximize your martial arts potential.

Student of the Month

- Prasanth Tiruchanur -

Prasanth Tiruchanur
Prasanth Tiruchanur

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- Jun Fan 4 and 8 Month Tests -

(l-r) Hector Nieves, Harrison Riddall, TJ Hernandez, Joe Arenas
Congratulations to Hector Nieves and Harrison Riddall for passing their Level 1 Test in Jun Fan Gung Fu. Passing their Level 2 Test and joining the Intermediate class are TJ Hernandez and Joe Arenas. Keep up the great work guys.

- Children's Testing: 9-13 Year Old Test -

(l-r) Divyansh Devnani, Aiden MacIssac, and Zach Yazdani
In December, Divyansh Devnani, Aiden MacIssac, and Zach Yazdani all passed their first level test in the Children's 9-13 Year Old Program, receiving their Yellow Sashes. Congratulations all!

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- New Year's Day Class -

by Sam Levine

After a hiatus from last year, Sifu Rick brought back the New Year's Day class, which a number of us were looking forward to attending. The class itself is unstructured and delves into aspects of martial arts, JKD in particular, that we generally do not cover in regular class because of time. While the class was supposed to last about two hours, as usual, there was so much to do that we ran over.

The first hour of the class included an exploration of many topics such as mythology, psychology, the archetypes and the warrior's path. We input our views on the importance of the Hero's Journey and the facing of the threshold guardians. We also talked about walking the warrior's path in everyday life and living without fear since we often make decisions based on fear. We discussed Jiddu Krishnamurti, the 20th century philosopher who noted that society, being made up of individuals, can only be changed by each individual undergoing a change. Sounds like JKD and, in fact, Sifu outlined quotes from the Tao of JKD that mirror Krishnamurti's writings showing what an influence he had on Bruce Lee.

Needless to say, it was not just mental development on New Year's Day but also physical development. Footwork, heavy bag work, and techniques that we all know and love were included, but the last part of the class was spent on sword drawing and thrusting. Students practiced one thrust with a sword over and over. The purpose was not simply repetition but to have intention and full awareness of each moment and each movement through focused preparation. After the sword drawing and thrusting the students tried their hands at Zen Art, which is strongly connected to the art of the sword. The movements with a sword should be like the movements with a calligraphy brush. Each student painted a Zen picture as a reminder of the artistic aspects of the martial arts. A great time... too bad we have to wait another year.

- Trenton Time's Feature on Sifu Rick -

In case you missed it, check out this great article on Sifu Rick about the his journey, the path to happiness, and the creation of PAMA.

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- Institute of Defensive Methods Hosts Sifu Rick Seminar -

by Cesar Olavarria

On December of 2010, Sifu Rick Tucci conducted a spectacular 2 day seminar for the Institute of Defensive Methods in Hoboken, NJ. This two day block of instruction focused on Jeet Kune Do and Kali. It was an overflow anointing of knowledge presented to every participant. Sifu's unique insight stimulated many questions which were all answered in great detail. As a result, one could feel the tremendous amount of positive energy flowing within the room.

Sifu demonstrates bridging the gap with a jeet tek to trapping.

Sifu covers the many types of footwork found in Jun Fan Gung Fu.

Sifu's kindness and generosity made us feel like one family. Unconditionally, he provided that extra time to make sure the students understood the material exactly the way a father would.

Students asked many good questions as they worked various areas of Kali.

Instructors Mike Lee and Mary Jo were also extremely helpful with the education that came with this seminar. Thank You Sifu Rick Tucci for an amazing and inspiring seminar, we can still feel the energy.

Participants of the Institute for Defensive Methods 2010 Rick Tucci Seminar

- Filipino Martial Arts Demonstration -

By Matt Foster

On December 11, a group of PAMA instructors and students traveled to Cherry Hill to put on a demonstration of the Filipino Martial Arts for members of the Philippine Community of Southern New Jersey. The demo team wowed the crowd with various drills from each of the 12 areas of Kali. The members of the Society were treated to a dynamic demonstration of the arts of their ancestors which included single stick, double stick and knife work as well as empty hands, takedowns, disarms and even some sarong chokes and throws. The high pace performance was well received by the audience.

PAMA Instructors and Students wow the crowd as they cover the 12 areas of Kali.

After the hard work was done, the team was re-fueled by the delicious buffet of homemade Filipino cuisine provided by the hospitable hosts and given a tour of the cultural library which held art, artifacts and books from the Philippines. It was a day of feasting and sharing of the arts and culture. Thank you to the Philippine Community of Southern New Jersey for including the Princeton Academy of Martial Arts in your holiday celebration.

Saturday's Demo Team

- PAMA Holiday Party! -

By Vince Hohn

Sifu Rick and the PAMA Instructors and Staff wish
you all Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year!

On December 15th, as 2010 was coming to a close, PAMA staff and instructors came together after class to celebrate the holiday season. The holidays can be a hectic time for everyone, so it was nice to take some time to relax and enjoy the great food and spirits offered at BT Bistro.

This year the instructors showed their appreciation and holiday spirit by giving Sifu a top-of-the-line navigation system to assist him as he travels spreading his martial arts knowledge. Si Suk Bernie's gift from the instructors, which goes along with the travel theme, was a must-have and needed emergency kit for his car.

Sifu's gifts to his instructors have always been unique and personal. This year's were no different as he presented everyone with handmade and custom picked Shaman Dream Pillows and authentic Indonesian Ecots.

The Christmas holiday is a good time to put the Kali sticks down, boxing gloves aside and enjoy reminiscing/reflecting on the year of training that just passed. We all look forward to a great 2011 at PAMA!

- Thank You All -

We would like to thank everyone for making this years Toys for Tots and Canned Food Drive a huge success! Thank you for your generous contributions!

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Upcoming Events

- 3rd Annual Silat Seminar -

Come join us for Sifu Rick's 3rd Annual Silat seminar at PAMA on February 26. This seminar is open to the public so pass on the word to friends and family. This seminar sells out every year so register now in the Pro Shop today to guarantee your spot! Adult classes will be suspended this day. Children's classes will still be held. PAMA students must register and pay in advance for the seminar. See the seminar page for more information.

- March 12, 2011 (1-3 PM): PAMA 24th Anniversary - Open House and Family and Friends Day -

Come one, come all!! Join us in celebrating PAMA's 24th Anniversary and bring your family and friends to join in the festivities. There will be tours, demos, and refreshments!

- Announcing New Yoga Class -

Starting January 11th we will have an excellent yoga teacher giving lessons in the Blue Room. Yoga is, of course, great for martial arts as well as life, it promotes flexibility, strength, and breath control. Here is some more information on the teacher:

Mecquel is a yoga practitioner who has been teaching since 2002. She teaches a vigorous Vinyasa practice that challenges the body, quiets the mind and awakens the spirit. In this style each posture is connected to the next by the breath. Mercquel's practice and teaching stems from her desire to know and embody truth within herself, and to inspire the same in others. Her experience is that the practice of yoga, and authentic movement, is a process of melting away the layers that keep us from being able to touch, experience, and finally reside in what we really are, openness, light and love. Mecquel completed her teacher training at Saraswati River Yoga with Kirin Mushra (Parvathi Nanda Nath Saraswati) and has studied with Jai Uttal. She is currently a Lululemon ambassador for Princeton. Mecquel is so grateful to her many devoted teachers.

This is a multi-level class, all are welcome. Prior experience is not necessary. The class will be on Tuesdays from 5:45p.m.-7:15p.m. Fees for the class are paid directly to Mecquel.

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Dietary Supplement

- Zinc Citrate by Pure Encapsulations -

Zinc Citrate by Pure Encapsulations
Zinc Citrate
by Pure Encapsulations

Zinc plays an important role in supporting the body's defense system, and is related to the normal absorption and actions of the B vitamins. It is a constituent of over two dozen enzymes involved in digestion and metabolism, including carbonic anhydrase which is vital to tissue respiration. Zinc is essential for the normal storage and metabolism of carbohydrates. Zinc plays a fundamental role in collagen formation and healthy tissue development. This mineral is also essential for normal fetal and reproductive development, and it contributes to healthy prostatic function.

Excerpt from Pure Encapsulations

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Sifu Recommends a Book

- Pathways to Bliss -

Pathways to Bliss
Pathways to Bliss
by Joseph Campbell

Tying in with this month's article in the Trenton Times and the New Year's Day class, Sifu recommends Joseph Campbell's Pathways to Bliss:

One of the basic functions of myth, contends Joseph Campbell, is to help each individual through the journey of life, providing a travel guide to reach fulfillment - a map to discover "bliss." In Pathways to Bliss, Campbell once again draws on his masterly gift of storytelling to apply the larger themes of world mythology to personal growth and transformation.

Looking at the more personal, psychological side of myth, he begins to dwell on life's more important questions - those that are often submerged beneath the frantic activity of our daily life. With characteristic wit and insight, he draws connections between ancient symbols and modern art, schizophrenia and the hero's journey, revealing the way myth helps identify one's heroic path.

Excerpt from the Joseph Campbell Foundation

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Video Technique

VISIT OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL for many great techniques and videos by Sifu Rick.

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Video/Pictures: Mary Jo Colli, Kurt Komoda, Mike Lee
Stories: Mary Jo Colli, Matt Foster, Vince Hohn, Mike Lee, Sam Levine, Cesar Olavarria