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- Thaddeus Chambers -

Thaddeus Chambers
Thaddeus Chambers

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- Khenpo Leads a Special Workshop -

by Matt Foster

Khenpo describes various ways of focusing to a packed audience of PAMA students and guests

PAMA was honored to once again host Ratsa Geshe Tenzin Dargye, Khenpo of the Bon Monastery in Dhorpatan, Nepal. Khenpo is a high ranking lama and Doctor of Philosophy in the ancient Bon religion which predates Buddhism by several thousand years. PAMA students were taught some basic Bon concepts such as the three poisons: anger, desire, and ignorance, and how to clear the corresponding channels in their bodies. They also received instruction on various methods of meditation like focusing on an image or listening to the sound of the singing bowl. At one point students had an opportunity to try out some of the singing bowls provided by Sifu. Khenpo led PAMA students through several Tibetan Yoga techniques which students quickly discovered require much practice. At the end of the workshop Khenpo taught some of the mantras and prayers of Bon and even said a special blessing for everyone. It was an educational and fulfilling evening. Thank you to Khenpo for sharing his wisdom and spirit.

Participants of Khenpo's 2010 Seminar learn and practice ancient Bon Yoga techniques

- Communiversity 2010 -

by Mike Wolhfert

On April 24, 2010, PAMA students performed during the Communiversity Festival of the Arts in downtown Princeton. The PAMA kids started the show by performing the Wing Chun form called Sil Lum Tao. Then both the 6-8 year old group and the 9-13 years olds showed off their Jun Fan kickboxing skills. The 9-13 year old group finished the kids' portion with Kali stick work that amazed the crowd of onlookers.

(left) Mike and Kurt with an explosive Kali opener.
(center-right) The PAMA Kids demonstrate the Sil Lim Tao and their kickboxing skills.

Click here to see all the pictures taken at Communiversity.

The Jun Fan juniors dazzled the crowd with their counters and attacks from Jun Fan kickboxing. Then the kids of PAMA showed their self-defense skills against a would be attacker. The women of PAMA then showcased their kickboxing skills for the crowd. PAMA students in a mixed weapons segment then represented various areas of Kali. Students Sandy Lee and Elizabeth Jenner showed the crowd how to stop an attack in a self- defense demonstration. Empty hands trapping from Jun Fan and Kali were performed by the students and instructors for the enthusiastic crowd. Then the kickboxing arts of Savate, Muay Thai, and Jun Fan kicked the crowd into high gear.

The PAMA children impress with their kickboxing and self-defense skills. Also, women's self defense

Click here to see all the pictures taken at Communiversity.

Instructor Mike Wolhfert then astonished the crowd by showing Silat throws and locks on multiple attackers. An action packed mixed martial arts match took place between Kurt Komoda and Will Fogler with Will victorious by way of arm bar. To end the show Max Wang and Mike Wolhfert had a high paced intense stick sparring match. Wang and Wolhfert gave it their all as the crowd cheered them on.

Three action filled segments of Silat, MMA, and Kali

Click here to see all the pictures taken at Communiversity.

Thanks to everyone who participated and came out to show their support.

Part of the 2010 Communiversity Team

Click here to see all the pictures taken at Communiversity.

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Sifu Recommends a Book

- Strong and Fearless: The Quest For Personal Power -

Strong and Fearless
Strong and Fearless,
by Phil Nuernberger, Ph.D.

Stress is not a necessary part of life says Dr. Phil Nuernberger Stress, he tells us, arises when we let fear and self-doubt control our thoughts and actions. He then shows us how to take charge of the powers of our mind, addresses the roots of our fears, and offers real, workable solutions to the epidemic of stress in the world today.

-- Excerpt from back cover

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Video Technique

VISIT OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL for many great techniques and videos by Sifu Rick.

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Dietary Supplement

- Co Q10 by Pure Encapsulations -

Co Q10 by Pure Encapsulations
Co Q10
by Pure Encapsulations

The essential nutrient Coenzyme Q10 is a necessary component of cellular energy production and respiration. It is a component of the mitochondrial electron transport system, which supplies the energy required for a variety of physiological functions. Co Q10 provides support to all cells of the body, and is especially supportive of tissues that require a lot of energy, such as the heart muscle, periodontal tissue, and the cells of the body's natural defense system.

Co Q10 enhances energy levels in every cell in the body, providing increased energy and exercise tolerance, and optimal nutritional support for the cardiovascular system.

Excerpt taken from Pure Encapsulations.

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Video/Pictures: Mary Jo Colli, Kurt Komoda, Mike Lee
Stories: Mary Jo Colli, Matt Foster, Mike Lee, Mike Wolhfert