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New Year's Resolutions

by Mary Jo Colli

Regardless of what is going on in the world as warriors we need to transcend! This list gives some great pointers to help enhance and maximize your martial arts potential.

Student of the Month

- Dan T -

Dan T
Dan T

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- Holiday Party! -

by Mike Wolhfert

On Dec 23, the PAMA instructors and staff had their annual holiday get together. All the instructors gathered at the BT Bistro for great conversation, food, spirits and holiday cheer. Everyone had a great time and reminisced on the year that passed. After the festivities we enjoyed some jazz music performed by PAMA's own Sean Kelly and his band Jazz vs. the Space Tiger. It was a wonderful time amongst friends and great way to celebrate the holiday season and welcome in the New Year

(left) Everyone enjoying a great night, (right) In addition to the nights festivities, we also celebrate Tim Dillingham's birthday!

Gift exchange! The instructors and Sifu trade gifts. Pictured: Beautiful Buddha pictures custom picked for each person from Sifu. Thank you!

- Holiday Get Together! -

by Matt Foster

On December 13th, PAMA's instructors, students, and their families celebrated the holidays with great food, good 'spirits', and some great conversation. The annual PAMA holiday party was a great time for all attendees to socialize and interact without throwing any kicks or punches, though the atmosphere and decorations still had that martial arts flare. There was a buffet of refreshments which included many tasty home cooked dishes and even a healthy and delicious home brewed beer, made by PAMA students who wanted to share their culinary talents. It was a fun event and just the thing to put a martial artist in the mood for the holidays. Thanks to all who came out and contributed.

PAMA instructors and students having an awesome time (and out of uniform). We wish you all Happy Holidays and a Great New Year!

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-Jun Fan 4 and 8 Month Tests -

(l-r) Joe Naggar and Joe Calzada
Congratulations to Joe and Joe for passing their Level 2 Jun Fan Test and advancing to the Intermediate class. Great job!

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Sifu Recommends a Book

- Musashi's Book of Five Rings -

Musashi's Book of Five Rings
Musashi's Book of Five Rings,
translated by Stephen Kaufman

This classic work interprets Musashi's Five Rings specifically for the martial artist - as it was originally intended. It explains the truths necessary for a full understanding of Musashi's message in depth. The result is an enthralling treatise on martial strategy that combines a warrior's instincts with the philosophies of Buddhism, Shintoism, Confucianism, and Taoism. Like the original, this new interpretation is divided into five sections. The Book of Earth lays the groundwork for the study; Water explains the warrior's attitudes through and understanding of strategy; Fire teaches figthting based on the Earth and Water principles; Wind describes the differences in Musashi's own style and styles of other schools; and the Book of No-thing describes the "way" of nature as being understood through "unthinking"conceptions.

-- Excerpt from back cover

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Video Technique

VISIT OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL for many great techniques and videos by Sifu Rick.

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Dietary Supplement

- Flex Now: Joint Formula -

Flex Now: Joint Formula
Flex Now: Joint Formula
by SheaFlex

Over 30 pharmaceutical-standard clinical trials and studies prove FlexNow with 100% SheaFlex70 has a statistically significant and clinically meaningful impact on joint care and management. Our experience includes human, double-blind, placebo-controlled university hospital clinical trials. Studies you can trust, by professionals you can trust.

FlexNow® with 100% SheaFlex70TM is clinically proven to impact all four of the areas required to realize healthy joint function: inflammation, cartilage retention, bone maintenance, and pain. In particular, FlexNow with 100% SheaFlex70 has been proven to:

  • Reduce inflammation by 9 times
  • Improve cartilage retention by 44%
  • Increase bone retention by 10%
  • Alleviate pain by 45%
Excerpt from http://www.powerofshea.com.

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Video/Pictures: Mary Jo Colli, Kurt Komoda, Mike Lee
Stories: Mary Jo Colli, Matt Foster, Mike Lee, Mike Wolhfert