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Student of the Month

- Izzy Eisenberg -

Izzy Eisenberg
Izzy Eisenberg

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- Letter from Khuen Khru Mike -

Dear PAMA Students,

As a member of the Thai Boxing Association of the USA, PAMA participates in the TBA's tradition of honoring instructors on Teacher's Day. At PAMA, this tradition is celebrated throughout the month of October and is extended to include all of the arts that we teach and all students. This is a wonderful opportunity to express your gratitude and appreciation to Sifu Rick and the PAMA instructors for continually making PAMA a world-class martial arts institution and oasis.

The traditional offering consists of:

Please bring in your offerings no later than October 24th of this month and don't forget to include your name and a personalized note as to what PAMA means to you. If you have any questions regarding the Teacher's Month tradition, please don't hesitate to call or e-mail us.

Thank you,

Khuen Khru / Lao Si Mike Lee

Generous gifts from last years Teacher's Month

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- Jun Fan 4 and 8 Month Tests -

Daniel Xia
Congratulations to Daniel Xia for passing his 4 Month Test this month in Jun Fan Gung Fu. Keep up the momentum and see you for the next test!

- Childrens Testing: 9-13 Year Old Test -

(left) Kai Kiernan and Emily Minor, (right) Idir Aitsahalia, Victor Bell, Matthew Tantoy, and Nick Castro

It was a busy month for Childrens Testing in the 9-13 Program. Both Kai Kiernan and Emily Minor received their first sashes in the older children's program to earn their Orange Sashes while Idir Aitsahalia, Victor Bell, Matthew Tantoy, and Nick Castro all passed the long and difficult Blue Sash test. Great job and congratulations all!

- Childrens Testing: 6-8 Year Old Test -

(left) Eric Gronich, (right) Vinod Mahabir and Ines Aitsahalia

Congratulations to Vinod Mahabir, Ines Aitsahalia and Eric Gronich on passing their tests in the 6-8 year old Children's Class. Vinod earned his Blue Sash; Ines, her Green Sash; and Eric, his Gold Sash. They all showed great focus and determination well beyond their years. Great Job!

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Sifu Recommends a Book

- The Martial Way and its Virtues: Tao De Gung -

The Martial Way and its Virtues: Tao De Gung
The Martial Way and its
Virtues: Tao De Gung,
by F. J. Chu
Excerpt from back cover:

A Classical Vision of the Martial Arts

Through the millennia, man has been subject to aggression and violence from other men, and has pondered ways to meet such hostility. The source of man's ceaseless conflict lies in our nature. We are just not content with the simple life. We want what we do not have and lust for what others possess.

Ironically enough, the modern civilized world promotes many alternatives for conflict resolution in place of overt violence. As a result, physical strength, mental determination and emotional endurance have lost their urgency in today's popular society. Are we a generation self-absorbed in the absence of routine discipline and sacrifice?

While the martial arts revolve around the way of personal combat, it also demands that its adherents live in accordance with a certain warrior code of conduct and honor. The Martial Way promises a long and arduous journey. It is an invitation to the subordination of self, the endurance of sustained practice, and the cultivation of the body and mind, with no tolerance for self-indulgences of any kind.

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Video Technique

VISIT OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL for many great techniques and videos by Sifu Rick.

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Dietary Supplement

- Olive Leaf Extract -

Olive Leaf Extract
Olive Leaf Extract

*The Mediterranean olive tree, Olea europaea, defends itself against bacteria, fungi, parasites and insects through eutrophic compounds it produces. Its leaf extract is popular in herbal and folk remedies and has benefited individuals for 150 years. The active nutrient in the olive leaf is oleuropein, a phenolic glucoside (structurally classified as an iridoid). The olive leaf also contains the bioflavonoids rutin, luteolin, and hesperidin, which work synergistically with oleuropein to enhance its natural activity.

This pharmaceutical grade olive leaf extract contains the highest concentration (20%) of oleuropein available, and provides natural protection and a healthy environment for cells, without suppressing immune system function or harming beneficial microflora.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Video/Pictures: Mary Jo Colli, Kurt Komoda, Mike Lee, Max Wang
Stories: Mary Jo Colli, Mike Lee, Max Wang