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- Dave Newton -

Dave Newton
Dave Newton

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- Governor Corzine Congratulates Sifu Rick on 22 Years! -

Sifu Rick is recognized by Governor Jon S. Corzine for his 22 Years of dedication and teaching of the martial arts here at PAMA. Congratulations and thank you Sifu!

- PAMA Celebrates Its 22 Anniversary with Open House and Prizes -

by Bernie Dudley

On Saturday, March 7, 2009 PAMA. celebrated it's twenty two years of martial arts excellence by opening wide its doors and holding an Open House for one and all interested in visiting the premier martial arts school in the Eastern United States. PAMA students, their family, friends and members of the general public were treated to outstanding demonstrations of Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Kali, Indonesian Pentjak Silat, Muay Thai and displays of martial arts prowess by members of the PAMA Children's program.

PAMA members, family and guests, and the general public were all invited to PAMA's 22nd Anniversary.

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Not only were ample refreshments provided to the scores of attendees to the Open House; there were multiple drawings for prizes throughout the day. The entire 6,000 plus square feet of PAMA was made open and accessible to the Open House attendees and Sifu Rick Tucci met with and spoke to the numerous guests who streamed through PAMA's doors during the Open House.

Real world knife defense (with a real knife!), Filipino Sword and Knife, and Jun Fan Trapping are just a few of the today's demonstrations.

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The festivities opened with a brief history of PAMA presented by Sifu Rick Tucci, who pointed out that PAMA had turned twenty two years old earlier this year, and had been officially recognized by New Jersey Governor John Corzine in an official commendation letter to Sifu. In giving his opening comments Sifu Rick acknowledged the contributions of Guro Amy Tucci and the many PAMA students and Assistant instructors that were an integral part of PAMA and its history of martial arts primacy and international reputation.

(left-center) Demos continued: Muay Thai and the Children's Class performs kicks. (right) Women's Self Defense Workshop.

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During the Open House PAMA students and instructors held electrifying demonstrations of Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Kali, and Muay Thai. Each demonstration was greeted with enthusiastic applause by the audience and the wizardry displayed in both empty hand and weapons by the PAMA Assistant Instructors and students demonstrating served to further cement PAMA's reputation as the true home of the finest instruction and training in Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Kali, Indonesian Pentjak Silat, Muay Thai and Grappling Arts.

- Sifu Rick Conducts Seminar in the UK -

by Will Fogler

Between March 13 and March 15, I had the privilege of attending Sifu Rick's 5th Jun Fan and Filipino Martial Arts seminar in Chelmsford, England. The event, hosted by Laurence Sandum, Director of the Academy of Martial Arts and Fitness, was well attended with enthusiastic martial artists from various parts of the UK.

Days 1 and 2 included elements of Jun Fan Kickboxing and Trapping.

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The first day and a half we covered Jun Fan from the basics to intermediate skills. As always Sifu gave great insights to both the history and technique of each drill, helping martial artists of all levels improve upon their fundamentals as well as add new tools to their particular styles. Everyone got to practice and drill footwork, basic boxing, kicks, and trapping... and by the end we had all worked up quite a sweat! The second half of the seminar focused on Kali. Footwork, single and double stick, knife, and my favorite, bo staff were all covered in great detail.

Days 2 and 3. Sifu demonstrates footwork and stroking, as well as bo staff techniques.

Lao Si Mary Jo demonstates shielding on a bigger opponent

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After the seminar, many attendees also tested in Jun Fan and Kali to progress further in their training. Congratulations to all who passed and hope to see you next year!

Following the 3 day seminar, we all got an opportunity to spend a lovely (and extremely sunny) day in London. In course of the day, we walked a large length of the city from Victoria to the famous Harrods while hitting a slew of sites in between (Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, the Eye, Trafalgar Square, and the Thames river at night to name a few). Did I mention Big Ben?

So much information was covered during the seminar, and I learned and re-learned so much... Cheers Sifu for making my first trip to Europe so fun and memorable. It was a great experience in a great setting!

Participants of the 2009 Sifu Rick Seminar

Catching the sites in the beautiful weather. (l-r) Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, and Hey look, Big Ben!

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- Women's Self Defense Workshop -

by Sandy Lee
"The PAMA class did a great job of introducing me to self-defense. Rick Tucci taught me ways to be more aware of my everyday surroundings to stay safe and the techniques we practiced boosted both my physical and mental confidence. Also, the instructors were professional and genuinely motivated to help the students develop their skills. I would absolutely recommend the class to women of all ages."
- Kate Naggar
"This was a great class, very empowering and eye opening. I didn't realize my own strength until the instructors showed me how to really defend myself. Between the actual defensive moves and the lessons on how to think more defensively (be aware of your surroundings, keys in hand, etc.), I definitely feel better prepared to both avoid trouble and defend myself from it should it arise. Thanks for a great experience!"
- Christine Clayton

Sifu Rick and Lao Si Mary Jo discuss various elements of self defense for women, including confidence, awareness, and techniques.

On the evening of March 25th, a women's self-defense seminar was held at PAMA. For two and half hours, ladies received training on important techniques that could potentially save our lives down the road! It was an incredible treat, not only for the participants who were students at the school but for the majority of the women who were outsiders and got to experience the wonderful instruction we students are privy to.

Lao Si Mary Jo explains and then demonstates how to handle an attacker who has you pinned.

The seminar started with a brief yet valuable talk on awareness of surroundings; Sifu Rick and Lao Si Mary Jo shared tips on increasing caution in our daily lives and offered their insights into handling different attack scenarios. Then the class transitioned into training stand-up techniques such as kicking and kneeing as the women got to practice on shields (and the poor men who were battered behind them!); the ladies also practiced countering two-hand neck chokes and possible grabs from behind. We even got to practice escaping from attacks on the ground, and the women experienced the triumphs of "bumping" away attackers or to escape by rolling out from under assailants. These basic ground moves were great complements to the stand up techniques which we got to test on a final "all-out" self-defense test against a heavily padded Lao Si Mike Wolhfert. In the end, the women walked away with not only a huge surge in confidence in handing themselves in possible situations but also a detailed written packet that encapsulated the tips on awareness that had been offered at the beginning of the seminar. Thank you to Sifu and Lao Si Mary Jo for priceless instruction and the other instructors that night who literally stuck out their necks for us to practice upon!

The participants get their turn at practicing what they have learned. Great job!

A portion of the proceeds from the Women's Self Defense Workshop was donated to Womanspace.

-Why Go To Attributes Class -

by Joseph Naggar

I am writing to tell the students at PAMA about the reasons to go to Attributes class on Friday's at 6:00PM. I have been going to the class now for about 2 months. This is one of the best activities I do that is helping my development in martial arts. Lao Si Mary Jo Colli does a terrific job of putting together a varied program that focuses on different aspects of development for each class. I have yet to be at one Attributes class that is the same. She gives terrific guidance on the specific focus area and thoughtfully teaches performance improving activities. I take the lessons from class and try to integrate them into my individual workouts.

We do a variety of drills including core exercises, hip focus, breathing, speed exercises, and kick development to name a few. I am sure I am missing many others, but the session is packed. I probably individually work out 2 - 3 times a week, but it never fails, I am sore after the Attributes class in a good way. Sifu Rick Tucci often talks about the fact that we need our bodies to be at a certain level to implement many of the techniques we learn in class. The Attributes class is a terrific way to learn some of the exercises that will help towards that goal.

I usually just pack my clothes the night before and leave it in the car so I can drive right to the Attributes class from work. It is a great way to start the weekend. Please come participate in the class, or face the shame of watching me way outpace you in class!

- Download the New PAMA Brochure! -

The new PAMA brochure is out. Check it out!

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- Jun Fan 4 and 8 Month Tests -

Javier Estrada and David Stengle
Congratulations to Javier Estrada and David Stengle for passing their 4 Month Jun Fan test. Keep up the improvements you've made and we'll see you again in 4 more months!

- Childrens Testing: 6-8 Year Old Test -

Ethan Yuan and Spencer Stengle
Congratulations to Spencer Stengle and Ethan Yuan on their recent sash level promotions. Spencer showed his proficiency and good form in his test earning him his Green Sash. Ethan took his first test, showing good focus and discipline earning him his Gold Sash. Good Job Spencer and Ethan!

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Sifu Recommends a Book

- Pencak Silat: Through My Eyes -

Pencak Silat: Through My Eyes
Pencak Silat: Through My Eyes,
by Herman Suwanda
Excerpt from back cover:

This is a complete presentation of the principles and applications of one of the most effective martial arts styles, written by one of the most sought-after Silat masters of all time, the late Herman Suwanda. The book explores the art and science of the Indonesian combat method. There is a detailed breakdown of the offensive and defensive skills used in Pencak Silat, and the tactical elements of timing, distance, rhythm, cadence, and tempo. The unique principles and techniques of Silat as taught by the late Herman Suwanda are fully described in this authoritative book. It is a true gem by one of the legendary masters of Pencak Silat.

Pendekar Herman Suwanda made his journey to America from the remote villages and jungles of Indonesia. Only after his arrival in America would the public learn more about Indonesia and its rich martial art culture. Pendekar Herman opened the doors to the world about Pencak Silat and became one of the leading authorities on many different systems of Indonesian fighting martial arts. He had the true "Eye of the Tiger," but also had the heart of a lion. He was a man with the ability to talk to and communicate with thousands of people through his art and his physical ability. He will always serve as a perfect role model.

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Video Technique

VISIT OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL for many great techniques and videos by Sifu Rick.

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Dietary Supplement

- MultiMin by Allergy Research -

MultiMin by Allergy Research
MultiMin by Allergy Research

Allergy Research Group's classic mixed mineral formulation, emphasizing hypoallergenic sources as developed by Stephen A. Levine, Ph.D., MultiMin includes minerals known to be important for metabolism, and at levels that are physiologically significant. MultiMin provides macrominerals, trace minerals, ultra-trace minerals, and minerals likely to be proven essential. Also included in MultiMin is glutamic acid, which is a mildly acidifying agent to aid with absorption.

Excerpt taken from Allergy Research.

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Video/Pictures: Mary Jo Colli, Kurt Komoda, Mike Lee
Stories: Mary Jo Colli, Bernie Dudley, Will Fogler, Mike Lee, Sandy Lee, Joseph Naggar