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PAMA Expands Internet Presence

Dear PAMA Friends,

We are writing to inform you of the latest additions to our PAMA offerings. We have now enhanced our YouTube channel and would like you to visit and become a member of our channel. As a member of our channel you will be informed of new content and clips we add, which will be on weekly basis. We also encourage you to comment on the site and the clips as well as your experience at PAMA. We would like the world to know about our Shangri-La! Visit the link below:

Also for those of you who are on Facebook PAMA now has a presence their also. To see more details and confirm this group invitation, follow the link below:

Facebook helps you find and keep in touch with PAMA. You can share in the PAMA experience and join discussion groups. It's free and everyone can join.

Register for Facebook now!

So please join us in the exciting opporunities and pass email onto family and friends so that they can experience PAMA also!

Welcome to our new cyber experience!
Princeton Academy of Martial Arts

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Celebrate PAMA's 22 Year Anniversary - Open House

Date/Time: Saturday, March 7th from 1 pm to 3pm

Open to the Public as well as PAMA Friends and Family

Demonstrations, Tours, Give-aways, Refreshments and Celebration!

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Silat Seminar

Sifu Rick will be teaching a Silat seminar here at PAMA on February 7 from 10:30am-4pm. This seminar is open to the public so pass on the word. Register now in the Pro Shop! (Adult classes will be suspended this day. Childrens classes will still be held.) For more details, click here!

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Student of the Month

- Pete Baron -

Pete Baron
Pete Baron

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- Camps Kids Sports Expo -

by Hannah Everist

Saturday, January 31st marked the 11th Annual "Camps Kids Sports Expo". The event hosted representatives from a variety of different camps, programs and services and provided information to families about potential opportunities for their children. PAMA was proud to be represented through a demonstration performed by the individuals, ranging from ages 6 to 13, in the Children's Martial Arts program. Forms of kickboxing, trapping, and Kali were all accounted for.

(left) Uliyana and Newell begin the demo on stage with Jun Fan Kickboxing
(right) Aubrey leads the group in the Sil Lim Tao

Click here to see all the pictures taken at the expo.

The demonstration began as pairs of students displayed basic drills in Kali and Jun Fan kickboxing followed by the performance of the Sil Lim Tao by the entire group of participating children. Next, the onlookers watched pairs of students, separated into different age levels, each training a different drill. As a conclusion of our demonstration, instructor Mike Lee led volunteer children from the crowd in their very own Martial Arts lesson. The crowd erupted into applause for the hard work, focus, and overall great performance of our PAMA children and instructors.

Children from both age groups demonstrate Jun Fan Trapping and Kali skills

Click here to see all the pictures taken at the expo.

The success of this event would not have been possible without the time and effort of our Instructors and the determination, initiative and discipline of the students in our Children's program. The purpose of this event was to use their good example to inspire other families to join our PAMA community, which, with a continuation of the effort put forth on January 31st, will continue to thrive and grow for the entirety of 2009.

(left) A packed audience watches as the PAMA Children's group performs
(right) Participants of the 11th Annual Camp Kids Sports Expo

Click here to see all the pictures taken at the expo.

- New Boxing Skills Class Announced! -

We are changing the Wednesday 6:00PM MMA/Grappling class to this new Boxing skills class. The class will be 45 minutes and begin at 6:15PM. This will not only be a great workout and fun, it will enhance your attributes and important skills in every other art that you practice here.

Boxing Skills is highly recommended for everyone. No matter which martial discipline you practice here at PAMA, these drills and skills in all the arts, and help you gain confidence and techniques for optional sparring.

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- Kali Level 1 Test -

Max Wang
This month, Max Wang passed his Level 1 Kali Test. Great job on this long and comprehensive test!

- Childrens Testing: 6-8 Year Old Test -

Ines Aitsahalia
Congratulations to Ines Aitsahalia for passing her Gold Sash test in the 6-8 yr. old Children's class! Ines very enthusiastically and diligently practiced for her test and it showed in her excellent form. Good job Ines!

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Sifu Recommends a Book

- On the Warrior's Path, Second Edition -

On the Warrior's Path, Second Edition
On the Warrior's Path,
Second Edition
by Daniele Bolelli
From the Publisher:

The urge to forge one's character by fighting, in daily life as well as on the mat, appeals to something deep within us. More than a collection of fighting techniques, martial arts constitute a path to developing body, spirit, and awareness. On the Warrior's Path connects the martial arts with this larger perspective, merging subtle philosophies with no-holds-barred competition, Nietzsche with Bruce Lee, radical Taoism and Buddhism with the Star Wars Trilogy, traditional martial arts with basketball and American Indian culture. At the center of all these phenomena is the warrior. Though this archetype seems to manifest contradictory values, author Daniele Bolelli describes the heart of this tension: how the training of martial technique leads to a renunciation of violence, and how overcoming fear leads to a unique freedom. Aimed at students at any level or tradition of martial arts but also accessible to the armchair warrior, On the Warrior's Path brings fresh insights to why martial arts remains an enduring and widespread art and discipline. Two new chapters in this second edition focus on spirituality in the martial arts and the author's personal journey in the field.

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Dietary Supplement

- l-Theanine by Pure Encapsulations -

l-Theanine by Pure Encapsulations
by Pure Encapsulations

Green tea has been recognized for centuries as having relaxant properties. l-Theanine, a unique amino acid derived from tea, provides the characteristic taste of green tea. l-Theanine has also been discovered as the biologically active constituent of green tea responsible for promoting relaxation. In a preliminary non-clinical study, an l-theanine solution enhanced alpha wave production in the occipital and parietal regions of the brains of volunteers. These observed patterns are considered to be an index of relaxation. Furthermore, it did so rapidly and without causing drowsiness. In two additional studies, alpha waves were also shown to be detectable soon after l-theanine administration. Theanine is also useful for supporting healthy cellular function. Preliminary research suggests that l-theanine may be helpful for premenstrual support including healthy attitude. Furthermore, theanine has been reported to moderate the effects of caffeine on the central nervous system. l-Theanine's safety is supported in studies and by its long history of safe consumption in tea. Pure Encapsulations l-Theanine is Suntheanine®, the brand which has been used in scientific studies.

Excerpt taken from Pure Encapsulations.

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Video/Pictures: Mary Jo Colli, Kurt Komoda, Mike Lee
Stories: Mary Jo Colli, Hannah Everist, Mike Lee, Max Wang