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Student of the Month

- Tony Arias -

Tony Arias
Tony Arias

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- Celebrating Sifu Rick's and Si Suk Bernie's Birthdays -

On November 11th, PAMA celebrated the birthdays of Sifu Rick and Si Suk Bernie. The instructors and staff took them out for a night on the town. Over dinner and drinks laughs, stories and good times were shared. We presented Sifu Rick and Si Suk Bernie with their birthday gifts which they both loved and thanked everyone. The gifts were small tokens because as students we can never match the gifts Sifu Rick gives us every day in the knowledge of the martial arts. Thank you Sifu for all you have shared with us.

The instructors and staff present Sifu and Si Suk Bernie with their gifts.

Celebrating a special night.

Click here to see all the pictures taken from that night.

- Special Guest: Ratsa Geshe Tenzin Dargye Rinpoche Visits PAMA -

(pictured on right) Ratsa Geshe
Tenzin Dargye Rinpoche

In November PAMA had a very special visitor, Ratsa Geshe Tenzin Dargye Rinpoche, Doctor of Philosophy and abbot of the Tashi Gegyes Thaten Ling Monastery in Western Nepal. He is Tibetan and his settlement camp is Bonpo, who follow the path of Bon Religion, a religion that pre-dates Buddhism. This is quite an amazing honor in that he takes a 2 day car ride and 5 day walk to get to his Monastery!

Many PAMA students participated in private sessions with the Khenpo Tendar, gaining spiritual insight and learning Bon breathing and yoga exercises as well as receiving blessings. He will be using the donations to build a cafeteria as an addition to his monastery and dispensary in Dhorpatan with the goal of feeding the poor and disabled in Nepal.

His is an AMAZING individual with such warmth, caring, and compassion for all sentient beings. His presence was a blessing and something that will not soon be forgotten. We hope that our paths will cross again in the near future and until then we will keep Khenpo Tendar in our hearts!

You can visit his website at http://www.dhorpatanbon.com/index.html

- Celebrating Lao Si Mary Jo's Birthday -

At PAMA, November is an important birthday month as we also celebrate Lao Si Mary Jo's birthday. This year was a unique one as we were blessed with our special guest, Khenpo Tendar. Thank you Tendar for extending your visit to PAMA to attend as well as leading off dinner with a special blessing.

(left) Tendar and the Birthday Girl. (right) Tendar leads the night off with a very special blessing.

(left) Tendar shows us pictures from Nepal.
(right) PAMA instructors, staff, and friends share laughs and enjoy the night.

Click here to see all the pictures taken from that night.

- PAMA 4th Annual Vacation Photo Contest Winners -

The 4th Annual PAMA Vacation Photo contest again led to many more creative and unique submissions. Thanks for all those who participated.

Congratulations to the winners! And the awards go to (as voted on by fellow students)...

Special Award Winners

David and Patrick Dillingham

Most Adventurous

Angel Soto


Idir Aitsahalia

- Gear up for the Holidays! -

Finally get what you really need and want for the Holidays!

The Holidays is right around the corner. PAMA is here to make your loved ones holiday easier. Check out the PAMA wish list. Print and fill out on your own or see the Pro Shop staff or instructors for assistance. Or Gift Certificates always do the trick, good for merchandise or private lessons.

Look for an upcoming holiday sale items outside the Pro Shop. Also, it is better to give than to receive. Give family members and friends the gift of self-development and self-defense with a PAMA gift certificate.

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- Childrens Testing: 9-13 Year Old Test -

(left) Nick Chow, Victor Bell, Idir Aitsahalia
(right) Newell Woodworth, David and Patrick Dillingham
In the 9-13 Children's Program, Nick Chow, Victor Bell, and Idir Aitsahalia have all advanced to the Green Sash Level. Congratulations on all your hard work!

Moving on to the Blue Sash level are Newell Woodworth and David and Patrick Dillingham. Great job on your long and grueling test.

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Recommended Video

- Kali: The Filipino Martial Arts -

Kali: The Filipino Martial Arts
Kali: The Filipino Martial Arts
by Mataas Na Guro Rick Tucci
The Kali Video Series by Mataas Na Guro Rick is an excellent and well rounded collection of Filipino Martial Arts instruction for everyone ranging from beginners to instructors. This series is a must have for every PAMA student or anyone currently training in or interested in the Filipino Martial Arts. Each of the 8 volumes is broken up into different areas ranging from empty hands to flexible and long weapons. For more information, click here.

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Video Technique

- Learn a Technique from Sifu Rick -

Sifu demonstrates a kali entry, using nerve destructions and checking his opponents hands, to a kinjit.

Video: regular speed - slow motion

Sifu uses the same entry, but instead performs a walice or sweep.

Video: regular speed - slow motion

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Dietary Supplement

-Sublingual L-Glutathione -

Sublingual L-Glutathione
Sublingual L-Glutathione
by Douglas Labs

Body cells and tissues are threatened continuously - damage caused by toxic free radicals and reactive oxygen species (e.g., peroxides) which are produced during normal oxygen metabolism, by other chemical reactions, and by toxic agents in the environment. Free radicals are capable of disrupting metabolic activity and cell structure. When this occurs, additional free radicals are produced which, in turn, can result in more extensive damage to cells and tissues. The uncontrolled production of free radicals is thought to be a major contributing factor to many degenerative processes seen during aging.

Glutathione is a naturally-occurring tripeptide of L-cysteine,L-glutamate and L-glycine. Glutathione is the essential cosubstrate for two major antioxidant enzymes in the body; glutathione peroxidase and glutathione reductase. As such, glutathione offers one mechanism for scavenging toxic free radicals. Glutathione is well absorbed in the intestine, and enters the blood and other extracellular compartments where it exerts much of its beneficial antioxidant effects.

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Video/Pictures: Mary Jo Colli, Kurt Komoda, Mike Lee
Stories: Mary Jo Colli, Mike Lee, Mike Wohlfert