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Student of the Month

- Hannah Everist -

Hannah Everist
Hannah Everist

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- New Children's Feature Launched! -

Check out the long awaited Children's page for information about our highly acclaimed Children's program!

- 18th Pacific Northwest Muay Thai Camp 2008 -

by Poney Boy Miller

This year marks the 18th anniversary of the Pacific Northwest Muay Thai Camp. Those 18 years are within the 40 that Ajarn Chai has tirelessly promoted the art of Muay Thai in the United States and around the world, at the same time building a legacy of simply one, if not the best, Muay Thai trainers in the world.

Muay Thai is so prevalent in today's martial arts community that it's hard to imagine that there was a time when Muay Thai was considered by many as a crude art. Guro Dan Inosanto tells the story of numerous martial arts practitioners in the 70's and 80's when Muay Thai was in its infancy, stating "Muay Thai is no good, they kick legs." We now have the luxury to smile and perhaps laugh at this statement and also learn from these practitioners' mistakes in that the leg kick is one of the most devastating techniques in the Muay Thai arsenal.

Since 1968, Ajarn Chai has taught Muay Thai to anyone who is willing to learn and put themselves through the grueling training regiment required to become a real Muay Thai fighter. Forty years is a long time to teach anything, much less Muay Thai. Throughout the years, Ajarn Chai has taught tens of thousands of students and fighters.

In attendance at the Muay Thai Camp were a few of Ajarn Chai's most senior instructors including Guro Dan Inosanto, Khuen Khru Greg Nelson, and Khuen Khru Brian Doubler just to name a few. The camp this year was separated into two groups, fighter and non-fighter. The non-fighter group is self explanatory; the fighter group simply means your morning run is longer (about three miles in the Oregon hills), workouts are harder and more technical, and you eat last after you get extra attention by doing 75 body builders at 8:30 pm and three-to-one plumb exercises. For those who have never had the experience of three-to-one plumb, you're lucky; the person in the middle stays in for 5 to 10 minutes while a new opponent attacks you every 30 seconds, throwing knees and trying to off-balance you for a throw.

(left) Ajarn Chai explains the rules of the camp and tells new comers what to expect.
(right) PAMA's own Mike Lee, Mike Wolhfert, and Poney Boy Miller with Kheun Khru Greg Nelson

The camp workouts were set up like the previous year's with five stations; station one - heavy bag, two - shadow boxing, three - pad and footwork, four - sparring-timing and five - plumb/clinch. Each station had its own instructor giving you instructions and technique to practice. These instructors were very helpful in giving their one-on-one instruction and answering questions. During some afternoons, we had an unexpected break in the form of Guro Leonard Trigg teaching the sweet science of boxing.

It's important to mention that Guro Leonard Trigg is not only an Olympic boxing trainer, but also ranked at four different Kali-Eskrima organizations in the world. Guro Trigg emphasized boxing counters and how to fight an unorthodox (left handed) fighter.

Each day at camp was for the most part a routine with early morning runs starting at 6:30 am and the day ending at around 8:30 pm after body builders. The days were long and hard, but at the same time exciting because as a group, we were learning from the master himself, Ajarn Chai. In attendance were Ajarn Chai's students from the US and from around the world like Australia, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Canada.

I feel very privileged and honored to have been invited to attend Ajarn Chai's Muay Thai Camp in Oregon the last two years. I am very thankful for all the instructors at camp and for their generosity. Above all, I am thankful for PAMA, Sifu Rick Tucci and all the instructors and students I have worked with in the past and continue to work with in the present. Thank you for introducing me to the art of Muay Thai and for giving me an opportunity to train with one of the greatest Muay Thai teachers in the world, Ajarn Chai.

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- Kids Testing: 8-12 Year Old Test -

Vivian Bell
Congratulations to Vivian Bell! Vivian showed great improvement in her maturity, discipline and skill as she earned her gold sash in the 6-8 year old Jun Fan program.

- Jun Fan 4 and 8 Month Tests -

Kobie Johnson
This past month, Kobie Johnson passed his 4 Month Jun Fan test. Keep up the great work and see you during your next test!

Sifu Recommends a Book

- Beyond Fear: A Toltec Guide to Freedom and Joy - The Teachings of Don Miguel Ruiz -

Beyond Fear: A Toltec Guide to Freedom and Joy
Beyond Fear: A Toltec
Guide to Freedom and Joy
by Don Miquel Ruiz
Synopsis from book:

In Teotihuacan, the ancient Toltec ruin outside Mexico City, nagual Miguel Angel Ruiz leads an extraordinary tour of the mysterious ancient pyramids, a journey geared not just for learning, but also for spiritual transformation. Ruiz, a medical doctor and surgeon, is a direct descendant of the Toltec tradition who received spiritual training to become a nagual ("Master of Intent") from his mother's family. His wisdom comes from a vision of the spiritual center in Teotihuacan where ancient masters discovered a process for ridding themselves of fear. In this book, as on his tours, he shares this extraordinary body of mystic knowledge. Beyond Fear shows how ancient Toltec practice can be applied in today's world, enabling the practitioner to become freed from fear, spiritually and emotionally transformed.

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Video Technique

- Learn a Technique from Sifu Rick -

After the initial stick disarm, Sifu performs an upright stick choke off of the second hand.

Video 1: regular speed - slow motion

From the initial choke, Sifu transitions to a horizontal choke.

Video 2: regular speed - slow motion

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Dietary Supplement

- Resveratrol by Pure Encapsulations -

Resveratrol by Pure Encapsulations

Resveratrol is a compound often associated with the health benefits of red wine, because of its powerful antioxidant and cardioprotectant properties. It promotes cardiovascular health through its antioxidant action and its ability to promote healthy platelet function and maintain healthy arachidonic acid metabolism. Pure Encapsulations Resveratrol is derived from one of the richest known sources, Polygonum cuspidatum, an herb utilized for centuries.

Excerpt taken from Pure Encapsulations

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