September 2007 Newsletter

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A Personal Message from Sifu Rick

We here at PAMA are very sorry for the loss of Sifu Larry Hartsell, and we send our deepest condolences to Debra and the rest of his family.

I started training with Sifu Larry back in 1988 at the Michigan martial arts camp. I remember how I first struggled to follow his lock flows because it was all very new to me. After training with him and being impressed by his knowledge, skill, and humble personality, I asked him if he would be willing to come to PAMA later that year for a seminar, and to my excitement he said yes. He came to PAMA many times between 1988 and 1995. PAMA students always loved his seminars. He covered JKD trapping, boxing, grappling, Kali and other good stuff.

Sifu Larry was way ahead of the curve when it came to the importance of grappling. In those days before the first UFC most people didn't like or care about grappling, but Sifu Larry would always show a doubter how important it was,. As he would famously say, "Pain is a great teacher." He had a great influence on much of my training in those days and in the years to come. The things that he showed were straight forward, honest and real, no extra anything. Besides the many seminars, camps, and private lessons that I attended with him, we shared many good times having meals together and just hanging out talking and laughing. Many people don't know that Sifu Larry was also into poetry (writing poems) and philosophy. He was a gentle, humble human being, but an extraordinary and real fighter, a true warrior. His legacy will live on through his many dedicated students around the world, and certainly through many of the techniques and drills taught at PAMA. We all miss you Sifu Larry, but we know that you are in a better place and that you continue to live in our hearts.


(left) Sifu Larry, always a fighter, (right) Sifu Rick with Sifu Larry

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Remembering Sifu Larry Hartsell

by Bernie Dudley

With his passing on August 20, 2007, the martial arts world lost one of its truly legendary members. Sifu Larry Hartsell. Born in North Carolina where he studied Judo, Sifu Larry Hartsell was a direct student of Bruce Lee and trained at the Los Angeles "Chinatown" school. Already holding a black belt in Kenpo under Ed Parker, Sifu Larry Hartsell first met and actually sparred with Sijo Lee in 1964. Due his commitment to serve in the military during the Vietnam War, Sifu Hartsell became a student of Sijo Bruce Lee in 1967 and trained with Sijo Lee and Sigung Dan Inosanto at the Chinatown kwoon from 1967 until 1970.

Sifu Larry with the Bernie "Big Guy" Dudley

Known as the premier JKD fighter of that time Sifu Hartsell continued to train in JKD with Sigung Dan Inosanto after Sijo Lee's death. Focusing on the grappling range of JKD Sifu Hartsell researched, developed and implemented grappling techniques and methods that were combat proven and taught them to students of JKD for over 30 years. Sifu Hartsell was a regular visitor to PAMA during the late 80's having conducted seminars here from 1988 to 1995. Many PAMA students from that time have unforgettable memories of receiving hands on instruction from Sifu Hartsell.

Click here to see more of Sifu Larry's amazing legacy.

I was one of those students. From my initial introduction to Sifu Hartsell he nicknamed me "Big Guy"; I was a member of Sifu Hartsell's Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do Grappling Association from 1993 to 1998 and I last trained with Sifu Hartsell at his 2002 workshops at the Inosanto Academy in California. My warmest memory of that time was when Sifu Hartsell came up to me on my first day, gripping me in a vise like hold and saying "Hey, Big Guy good to see you." He used me as his demo partner for each of the workshop nights I attended. One night before starting class Sifu Hartsell was examining various pieces of body protectors, after selecting one he summoned me over and said, "Here Big Guy put this one on." "I want you to have a good one for tonight." For the rest of that night he demonstrated on me with punches, locks and strikes that could drop a mule. I have many good memories of the good times I spent with Sifu Larry Hartsell and I mourn his passing. My favorite saying of his is "Never mistake my kindness for weakness," I have taken that one to heart and apply it in my dealings with people at PAMA and elsewhere.

Click here to see more of Sifu Larry's amazing legacy.

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Student of the Month

- Marcelina Reyes -

Marcelina Reyes

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- Jun Fan: 4 and 8 Month Tests -

(left) From l-r: Poneyboy Miller, Cameron Erdogan, Vince Hohn , and Hanna Everist
(right) From l-r: Sandy Lee, Bruce Dunson, Liam Kiernan, Andy Maulbeck, and David Bergman

Passing their 4 Month test in Jun Fan are Poneyboy Miller, Cameron Erdogan, Vince Hohn, and Hanna Everist. Great job all! See you in 4 more months.

Passing their 8 Month test in Jun Fan are Sandy Lee, Bruce Dunson, Liam Kiernan, Andy Maulbeck, and David Bergman. Congratulations and welcome to the intermediate class!

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Sifu Recommends a Book

- Clearing Away Clouds: Nine Lessons For Life From The Martial Arts -

Clearing Away Clouds: Nine Lessons For Life From The Martial Arts
Clearing Away Clouds:
Nine Lessons For Life
From The Martial Arts,
by Stephen Fabian
From the back cover:

The first foreigner ever to win the gold medal in the All-Japan Toyamu Ryu swordsmanship competition, Stephen Fabian is presently U.S. Branch Head of the Hontai Yoshin Ryu system and senior advisor to the International Shudokan Martial Arts Association, as well as professor of anthropology at North Central College in Illinois. In this edifying and inspiring personal account, Professor Fabian's background in anthropology and his scholarly knowledge of Zen Buddhism and Japanese culture are brought to bear on over two decades of training in Asian martial arts. The result is an illuminating and often entertaining presentation of nine key lessons for mastering life and self. Although each lesson is gleaned from a discreet phase in the author's life experience or martial career, taken together they form a coherent, step-by-step program for personal mastery and success in life, one that can be understood and embraced by all, even those with no interest in the martial arts.

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Video Technique

- Learn a Technique from Sifu Rick -

Sifu disarms an angle #2 strike by going from an outside deflection to a snake and strip.

Video 1: regular speed - slow motion

Sifu disarms an angle #2 by going from an umbrella to a strip.

Video 2: regular speed - slow motion

- Learn a Technique from Guro Amy -

Guro Amy parries a jab and goes into a jumping head pull.

Video 1: regular speed - slow motion

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Dietary Supplement

- Immune Builder by JHS Natural Products -

Immune Builder by JHS Natural Products
Immune Builder
by JHS Natural Products

This high-potency formula is the only medicinal mushroom combination product sold in North America that is made exclusively from hot water extracts.

MaitakeGold is a potent Maitake extract developed by Dr. Hiroaki Nanba, PhD., the inventor of Maitake nutraceuticals. MaitakeGold represents such a significant improvement in Maitake formulations that it was recently granted a U.S. Patent (U.S. Patent # 5,854,404). The only Maitake product that carries Dr. Nanba's personal endorsement, MaitakeGold is organic, and is extracted from Maitake mushrooms grown by the Yukiguni Maitake Company of Japan.

Excerpt taken from JHS Natural Products.

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Video/Pictures: Mary Jo Colli, Mike Lee
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