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Student of the Month

- Marc Pelina -

Marc Pelina

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- 2012 Author Visits Princeton Academy -

(left) Famed author Daniel Pinchbeck talks about his experiences, (right) Daniel takes questions from the audience.

On Friday, March 9th PAMA was the selected place for a special event. Creative Insights and Farley's bookstore sponsored a talk and book signing by the well known author of 2012 The Return of Quetzalcoatl, Daniel Pinchbeck. It was an interesting, thought provoking, and fun evening of discussions on this new time and changes that the earth and consciousness are going through. Daniel started out speaking humorously about his own personal journey from being a New York Woody Allen type of existentialist, into his more direct personal spiritual experiences. He spoke about his travels and experiences with different indigenous peoples and shaman of Africa, Central and South America, and the effect that this had on his life. Daniel also spoke about linear time, cyclical time, the Mayan calendars, predictions, different philosophers, and physics to name a few topics. Everyone had a great time with lots of discussion afterward. Thanks again Daniel!

(left) Afterwards, participants got to interact with Daniel personally, (right) Sifu Rick with author, Daniel Pinchbeck

- Sifu Rick Travels to England -

Sifu Rick traveled back to England on March 16th to conduct his third annual Martial arts seminar in Chelmsford. Laurence Sandum, an instructor under Guro Dan Inosanto, was the host once again for this exciting weekend. Laurence is a consummate professional and runs one of the best equipped, well managed, martial arts facilities in all of Great Britain.

Participants in Sifu's seminar practiced the basics in Jun Fan, Kali, and Muay Thai.

As requested by Laurence, Sifu Rick went down the well organized curriculum list in Jun Fan, Muay Thai, and Kali. Many times seminar students and instructors can become confused as to what is in a given curriculum. Sifu Rick specializes in keeping the arts separate and well organized so as to allow people to develop fully in each art. The participants varied in ages and skill levels but all said that they loved it and got a lot out of it. Thanks again to Laurence for being a great host!

View all pictures taken during Sifu's Seminar.

(left) Sifu fine tunes the holding of the Thai pads. (right) Perfecting kali stroking, the basic building block to any advanced techniques.

Sifu Rick took a couple of extra days after the seminar to visit Glastonbury, a place of intrigue, history, pilgrimages, and myth. This small town draws visitors from all over the world for many reasons. Whether you are into history, energy lay lines, vortexes, crop circles, or just like to browse through used book stores and hang at cool cafes Glastonbury has something for everyone.

View all pictures taken during Sifu's Seminar.

The historic town of Glastonbury and Glastonbury Tor, home to myth and legend.

While in Glastonbury Sifu Rick had a very nice visit with author and award winning publisher John Martineau and researcher and author of Beyond 2012, Geoff Stray. They were both kind and friendly during Sifu Rick's visit. John invited Sifu Rick to his beautiful cozy home for his girlfriend's birthday party. The evening was filled with great conversations with the many interesting guests that attended. Thanks again John and Geoff!

View all pictures taken in Glastonbury.

(left) Hosts John Martineau and Geoff Stray, (center-right) Sifu in the Glastonbury countryside.

View all pictures taken in Glastonbury.

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Sifu Recommends a Book

- Anger: The Seven Deadly Sins -

Anger: The Seven Deadly Sins
Anger: The Seven Deadly Sins,
by Robert A. F. Thurman
From the publisher:

Heated words, cool malice, deadly feuds, the furious rush of adrenaline-anger is clearly the most destructive of the seven deadly sins. It can ruin families, wreck one's health, destroy peace of mind and, at its worst, lead to murder, genocide, and war. In Anger, Robert A. F. Thurman, best-selling author and one of America's leading authorities on Buddhism and Eastern philosophy, offers an illuminating look at this deadliest of sins. In the West, Thurman points out, anger is seen as an inevitable part of life, an evil to be borne, not overcome. There is the tradition of the wrathful God, of Jesus driving the money-changers from the temple. If God can be angry, how can men rid themselves of this destructive emotion? Thurman shows that Eastern philosophy sees anger differently. Certainly, it is a dreadful evil, one of the "three poisons" that underlie all human suffering. But Buddhism teaches that anger can be overcome. Indeed, the defeat of anger is not only possible, but also the only thing worth doing in a lifetime. Thurman shows how to recognize the destructiveness of anger and understand its workings, and how we can go from being a slave to anger to becoming "a knight of patience." We discover finally that when this deadliest emotion is transmuted by wisdom, it can become the most powerful force in freeing us from human suffering.

Drawing on the time-tested wisdom of Buddhism, Robert A. F. Thurman ranges from the individual struggle with anger to global crises spurred by dogmatic ideologies, religious fanaticism, and racial prejudice. He offers a path of calm understanding in a time of terrorism and war.

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- Jun Fan: 4 and 8 Month Tests -

Congratulations to Aleksandr Geldenberg for passing his 4 Month test and Frank Vamos, Thom Jason, and Orlando Skelton for passing their 8 Month test in Jun Fan Gung Fu. Keep up the hard work and the 8 Month and Level 2 Tests will be right around the corner guys. Good job.

(left) Alex and Frank, (right) Thom and Orlando

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Video Technique

- Learn a Technique from Sifu Rick -

Sifu Rick intercepts a jab with a biu jee and uses a lop sao to clear the obstruction and strike.

Video 1: regular speed - slow motion

After a biu jee on the jab, Sifu Rick shifts to a biu sao da to defend against the incoming cross.

Video 2: regular speed - slow motion

- Learn a Technique from Guro Amy -

Guro Amy demonstrates two counters to clearing a hand grab. The first by applying a wristlock and the second using a tan sao with pak sao to clear the centerline for strikes.

Video 1: regular speed - slow motion

Video 2: regular speed - slow motion

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Dietary Supplement

- Pantethine by Allergy Research -

Pantethine by Allergy Research
by Allergy Research
• Supports the metabolism of amino acids, carbohydrates, and lipids*
• Important for the production of cellular energy*
• May support healthy cholesterol and triglycerides within normal levels*

Pantethine is an important metabolite in the production of cellular energy and in lipid metabolism.* It appears in the body during the metabolism of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5). Pantethine is the stable disulfide form of an intermediate (pantetheine) in the transformation of pantothenic acid to coenzyme A. Coenzyme A plays a key role in the metabolism of amino acids, carbohydrates and lipids, and is essential for the synthesis of other important substances such as acetylcholine. Whereas pantothenic acid is water soluble and unused pantothenic acid is quickly excreted via the urinary tract, pantethine can stay in the bloodstream for up to 16 hours, maximizing its support of energy and lipid metabolism.*

Pantethine supports the health of the cardiovascular and circulatory systems by supporting a healthy balance of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C), high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) and triglycerides, within normal levels, and may help decrease the cholesterol content of platelet membranes.* In addition, pantethine may have antioxidant activity, and may increase platelet membrane fluidity.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Excerpt taken from Allergy Research white paper.

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Video/Pictures: Mary Jo Colli, Mike Lee
Stories: Mary Jo Colli, Mike Lee, Sifu Rick Tucci