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Student of the Month

- Andy Maulbeck -

Andy Maulbeck

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- Sifu Rick Tucci and PAMA Students Captivate Record Crowd at Atlantic City Mega Martial Arts Extravaganza -

On January 5th and 6th Sifu Rick Tucci was once again an invited and featured guest instructor of Masters Pete Ticali and Alan Goldberg of Action Martial Arts at their 7th Annual Action Martial Arts Mega Martial Arts Weekend held at the famous Tropicana Casino and Hotel in Atlantic City, N.J. This was Sifu Tucci's fourth consecutive year being invited to attend and participate in this internationally known martial arts event.

Sifu Rick Tucci demonstrates empty hand knife disarms and follow ups.

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Sifu Tucci was especially busy this year. Not only did Sifu teach two workshops in JKD/Kali/Silat, one on Friday, January 5th and a second one on Kali Edged Weapon Defense on Saturday January 6th; for the first time Sifu Rick also scheduled an actual seminar for those martial arts instructors seeking certification as trainers in Kali. This seminar would allow many East Coast martial arts instructors unable to attend Sifu Rick's other instructor seminars to acquire invaluable instruction personally from him in the art of Kali.

PAMA students demonstrate their expertise in the double stick (left) and the bo staff (right).

Sifu executes and vicious kinjit.

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In addition to the above described activities Sifu Rick assisted by several dedicated PAMA students and Assistant Instructors on Saturday presented a "Prime Time" center stage martial arts demonstration that was non-stop, high energy , kinetic and totally unique highlighting several martial arts from the PAMA curriculum. As in years past the demonstration brought cheers and a standing ovation from the record breaking crowd present that day. Never stopping the action or slowing the pace Sifu Rick and the Assistant Instructors and dedicated students of the PAMA demonstration team put on a real display of martial arts skill and thrills for the over two thousand people in attendance that day.

(left) Sifu flows into a weapon disarm using sword and dagger. (center) Mary Jo and Mike go at it with double sticks.
(right) Chul throws a monstrous Thai kick that lifts him off the ground.

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Sifu Rick and PAMA also maintained a booth both days of the weekend which was visited by sincere fans of Sifu Rick and several notables in the martial arts world who were in attendance that weekend. All in all it was a memorable two days at the Tropicana for Sifu Rick and the Assistant Instructors and students who attended and participated in the Action Martial Arts Mega Martial Arts Weekend.

See you all next year!

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Sifu Recommends a Book

- Muay Thai: The Most Distinguished Art of Fighting -

 Muay Thai:  The Most Distinguished Art of Fighting
Muay Thai: The Most Distinguished
Art of Fighting,
by Panya Kraitus and
Dr. Pitisuk Kraitus

Limited editions are available in the Pro Shop. Get your copy now before they run out!!!

Excerpt from book:

The Origins of Thai Boxing

In the days when Thailand was in the process of forming and gathering strength, wars were perpetually being waged with neighboring countries. It could almost be said that the Thai national profession at the time was to prepare for conflict.

Attacks and invasions took place all the time. Combat methods differed from those used today primarily in that the weapons used were short-range ones. Spears, javelins, large, curved-bladed pikes called Khaw-ngao, and even short wooden clubs, all of which, it should be remembered could only be used in hand-to-hand combat. Thus the earliest weapons, including natural weapons such as the fist, elbow and foot came into use in fighting enemies, and the systematized use of these natural weapons came to be called "Classical Thai Boxing".

Thai boxing is a weapon that is always at the ready. It is the ancestor of all other types of weapons, and is superior to them all. Any combatant who doesn't know how to use such natural weapons, even though he is skilled in the use of external and artificial weapons, will be at a disadvantage to the fighter who can use both. Phrayaa Phichai of the Broken Sword, otherwise known as Thongdii Fankhao, is an example of such a warrior. When still a child he loved to practice boxing and was always running away from his parents to train and improve himself in the art. Later, after he had risen to the estate of a brave and triumphant fighter under the reign of King Taskin, he was the commander-in-chief of the army who led the common people in bravely resisting the enemy without giving thought to the possibility of his own death. For love of his country he pushed fiercely forward in battle until his sword broke. Throwing it down he continued the fight with his fists, knees and elbows. Because of his knowledge of Thai boxing, he came out of the battle alive and victorious.

Thai boxing has been studied regularly by soldiers since early times. Whether in times of war, when it was necessary to confront enemies, or in peaceful times, when emphasis was placed on preparation, self-defense techniques have always been of great importance to military leaders and to the monarchy. This is because, down through the ages, fighting wars has often come down to hand-to-hand combat in which weapons and methods of combat change rapidly and unexpectedly until a winner and loser emerge.

Thai boxing is an art loved by Thai people in every stratum of society, including the nobility and royalty, who were not satisfied merely to watch but enjoyed participating in the sport. The historical chronicles of the Ayudhya Period, is described the reign of Phra Sanphetch VIII, who was called Khun Luang Sarasak, a title known to the commoners as Phra Chao Suua, or "Lord of the Tigers". He would be so keen on Thai boxing that he would often disguise himself in order to participate in matches lowering himself to fight with commoners in order to preserve the tradition-a [sic] remarkable act considering the intense reverence with which Thais regard heir monarch, and the usually uncrossable barrier this put in the way of their physical interaction.

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Video Technique

- Learn a Technique from Sifu Rick -

Sifu Rick demonstrates a Silat entry off the jab-cross into an arm tuck puter kapala with the leg.

Video 1: regular speed - slow motion

- Learn a Technique from Guro Amy -

Guro Amy demonstrates a stick and dagger disarm off a stick thrust.

Video 1: regular speed - slow motion

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Dietary Supplement

- NewGreensTM by Pure Prescriptions -


Why NewGreens™ Is Good For You

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Excerpt taken from Pure Prescriptions.

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Video/Pictures: Mary Jo Colli, Kurt Komoda, Mike Lee
Stories: Mary Jo Colli, Bernie Dudley, Mike Lee