November 2006 Newsletter

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Student of the Month

- Ian Briggs -

Ian Briggs

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- Guro Amy Says Hi From Germany -

I would like to say hi to everyone at PAMA, and thank you all for your support, emails, prayers, and thoughts. I am doing well here in Germany, the treatment is agreeing with me and I am feeling much better than I did when I got here. I miss everyone and look forward to seeing you all when I return.

(left) Guru Amy drinking the special healing water of Bad Mergentheim, (right) Lisa Melendez pays a special visit

Scenic views of the treatment center

- PAMA Goes to Sweden -

PAMA returned to Europe in October as Sifu Rick, Mary Jo Colli, and I (Mike Lee) traveled to Malmo, Sweden. The trip started at the crack of dawn in Copenhagen, Denmark, where we couldn't wait to get to Sweden. The train ride went by quickly and unfortunately, we couldn't see much of the sights as it was raining pretty hard. The weather forecast called for rain, rain, and more rain. Once we arrived in Malmo however, the weather started to let up and lucky for us, would continue to do so throughout the length of our stay. For me, this was my first trip to a Scandinavian country and I was loving it. The food was amazing, the people were extremely friendly and all spoke English, and the city was immaculate. No wonder Sifu considers Sweden to be his second home. On the first day we managed to take in as many sites possible, including the incredible twisted "Turning Torso" building, Western Harbour, the shopping district, and the exciting nightlife of Lilla Torq.

Sifu demonstrates various kickboxing drills and sweeps.

Click here for more pictures from Sweden.

On the next day, the seminar, hosted by Dan Johansson of the Martial Arts Alliance, began. Dan has been an instructor under Sifu Rick since 1990. Over twenty students attended, eager to learn realistic self defense techniques. Day one consisted of a variety of techniques spanning a range of arts including Kali, Silat, Jun Fan, and Muay Thai. A handful of the students were involved in security and appreciated the simplicity and efficiency of the techniques. The second day drew upon the first, and added more weaponry work, leverage throws, restraining locks, and even a demonstration of some firearm disarms. Everyone had a great and educational time.

(left) Students practicing different sinawali drills, (right) Some of the Malmo 2006 Participants

Click here for more pictures from Sweden.

After the seminar was concluded, we wound down by heading off to Copenhagen, only one hour away over the famous Oresund Bridge. The differences between the homely city of Malmo vs the metropolitan Copenhagen were immediately evident, but the same Scandinavian charm persisted throughout.

(left) Bustling Copenhagen, (center) Our host, Dan (red), and his senior students Peter (black) and Eddie (green), (right) Malmo, Sweden

Click here for more pictures from Sweden.

Sweden was an incredible experience. Thank you Sifu for giving us the opportunity and also Dan for being such a wonderful host.

- Teacher's Day 2006 -

October was teacher appreciation month and PAMA students sure showed their thanks to Kuen Kru/Sifu Rick Tucci by bringing flowers to PAMA and showing their appreciation and gratitude. Thank you to the students for expressing their many heartfelt and emotional thanks for the training and evolution that PAMA and the instruction has provided them.

- Guru Amy Benefit Winners -

Benefit winners:

Thanks again to those who gave their time, energy, and support for Guru Amy's benefit.

- PAMA Vacation Photo Contest Winners Announced -

This year was the second annual bring PAMA on vacation photo contest. There were some great entrants and thank you to all that participated. All of the students voted and the winners are as follows:

(left) Best Travel - Elizabeth Jenner in Brazil, (center) Most Creative - Jeff & Aubrey Mulford, (right) Coolest - Aldo Alarcon

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Sifu Recommends a Book

- Power, Freedom, and Grace: Living from the Source of Lasting Happiness -

Power, Freedom, and Grace: Living from the Source of Lasting Happiness
Power, Freedom, and Grace:
Living from the Source
of Lasting Happiness,
by Deepak Chopra
Excerpt from book:

Translating Intentions Into Choices

When all your desires are distilled
You will cast just two votes:
To love more, And be happy.

You are reading these words because there is something in your life you would like to change. It may be something you want to relinquish but are afraid to let go. It may be something you are longing for but have been unable to manifest. We're here together to help translate your intentions into choices. This requires the power of commitment.

Commitment is a contract between your body, mind and soul. Your body has needs. Your mind has desires. Beyond the immediacy of your physical cravings and your emotional longings is your soul, encouraging you to make the choices that are most likely to bring enduring peace of mind. It is whispering these words to you: "I want you to be happy," "I want you to be healthy," "I want you to have love," "I want you to live a life of meaning and purpose." It may be difficult to hear these life-celebrating messages from the depths of your being if your mind is turbulent and your body is in distress.


- Blue and Green Sash Testing - 8-13 Year Old Program -

The 8-13 year old Kid's Program is continuing to flourish. The Hilerio brothers tested and proved their high level of proficiency in Jun Fan with an excellent test. Alex received his Blue Sash and Matthew received his Green Sash. Their intense brotherly training paid off. Congratulations to both Hilerios to a job well done!

- Orange Sash Testing - 8-13 Year Old Program -

October was the second time PAMA students tested for the Orange Sash in the Kid's 8 - 13 Jun Fan class. The Orange Sash is a new sash level between Gold and Green. Nicholas Chow, David Dillingham, Patrick Dillingham, and Newell Woodworth tested and met the new test requirements, which included Jun Fan kickboxing and trapping, and the newly added Kali requirement of the Heaven 6 Sinawali drill. Congratulations gentlemen on your newly awarded Orange Sashes! Keep up your dedicated training!

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Video Technique

- Learn a Technique from Sifu Rick -

Sifu demonstrates an empty hands disarm and a puter kapala off the jab/cross.

Video 1: regular speed - slow motion

Video 2: regular speed - slow motion

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Upcoming Events

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Dietary Supplement

- Reishi Gano 161 ™ -

Ginkgo Biloba
Reishi Gano 161 ™

The Reishi mushroom is one of the most revered herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Known as Ling zhi in China, there are references to its use as far back as 100 B.C. when it was referred to as the "Herb of Spiritual Potency" and the "Ten-thousand Year Mushroom".

The focus of Traditional Chinese Medicine is on actively promoting good health and prevention. Reishi is one of the most highly regarded herbs for this purpose and the mushroom most often used as a general health tonic.

Modern clinical research also supports many of the uses for this mushroom as described in traditional medicine. It benefits immune health, cardiovascular health, and liver function. Reishi is also frequently used by mountain climbers to combat altitude sickness and is contained in many of the performance enhancing herbal formulas used by Chinese athletes.

Excerpt taken from JHS Natural Products.

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Video/Pictures: Mary Jo Colli, Mike Lee, Amy Tucci
Stories: Mary Jo Colli, Mike Lee