September 2006 Newsletter

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Student of the Month

- Orlando Skelton -

Orlando Skelton

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Sifu Recommends a Book

- The Encyclopedia of Finishing Holds -

The Encyclopedia of Finishing Holds
The Encyclopedia of Finishing Holds,
by Gene LeBell

This book has taken Judo Gene years to write, and it is his legacy to the world of grappling. It is a massive text on the art of finishing holds, and contains over 600 pages outlining in great detail more than 950 finishing holds. Among the 600-plus pages are chapters on grips and handles; catches and grabs; foot and leg controls; arm bars and shoulder locks; wristlocks and twists; straight leglocks; ankle bends and twists; chokes; and necklocks and cranks. Many of the techniques shown in the volume are old, never-before-seen pro-wrestling techniques. These holds were used by the Ancient Greek and Roman pankration grapplers. This book explains why Gene LeBell is known as "The man of 10,000 finishing holds."

-- Excerpt taken from Gene LeBell's website.

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- Guro Amy Going Away Dinner -

Friends gathered together to wish Guro Amy well wishes.

Before traveling back to Germany, Guro Amy was surrounded by a large group of friendly faces to wish her a safe and healthful trip. The delicious dinner, at Sunny Garden on August 24th, was highlighted with hearty laughs mixed with some tears. While our thoughts and prayers are with Guro Amy, we will miss her and can't wait for her return!

More pictures from the night.

Click here to see all the photos taken this evening.

Click here to see all the photos taken this evening.

- Back to School Time!

Welcome back, any and all ex-PAMA students. It is never to late to restart your martial arts training. Call to make an appointment to come and see all of your old schoolmates again!

Welcome back, Mark!

- New PAMA Shirts! -

Neil models the new PAMA t-shirt.

PAMA shirts with the the new PAMA Crests have arrived. Check them out in the Pro Shop now!.


- Kids Sash Testing -

Three of the student's from the 8-13 year old Kid's Program had a very busy summer preparing for their Black Sash Test. Tony Arias, Liam Kiernan, and Jeff Mulford tested for the highest rank in the Program, the coveted Black Sash. All three have spend many dedicated years at PAMA and risen through the ranks of the 8-13 year old and into the Advanced class. During the Black Sash the students had to successfully complete a rigorous technique section, as well as a challenging conditioning section. The many areas of the test included Jun Fan kickboxing drills, trapping, grappling, and Kali running attacks. Each did a fantastic job of remembering and showing proficiency in each of area. Great job guys!

Si Hing Neil congratulates the students
(from left to right: Tony Arias, Liam Kiernan, Jeff Mulford)

PAMA's three Black Sashes. Congratulations guys!

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Video Technique

- Learn a Technique from Sifu Rick -

Sifu demonstrates knife on knife disarms against a thrust and a backhand slash.

Video 1: regular speed - slow motion

Video 2: regular speed - slow motion

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Upcoming Events

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Dietary Supplement

- Del-Immune V™ -

Del-Immune V
Del-Immune V™

In the 1980s, Russian research focused on discovering a product to treat the immune depression following the Chernobyl accident. The research also addressed the anthrax poisoning that occurred due to the destruction of a nearby biological warfare laboratory. The team quickly concluded vaccines and antibiotics would not be effective.

Their research efforts focused on finding a product to "activate, enhance, and to quickly boost" natural immune system activity. More than 600 different products were examined, including many strains of lactobacillus. Only one product showed dramatic immune system activity: the parent product to Del-Immune V™.

In 2000 a Boulder, Colorado pharmacist, John A. Sichel, discovered the product could control his daughter's hepatitis C infection. He arranged to manufacture, distribute and market the product in the U.S. under contract with the Russian owners.

Today, Del-Immune V™ offers immediate immune system support. The product is made from a unique strain of lactobacillus. Strains of lactobacilli bacteria have been used to produce cheese, yogurt and other food products throughout history. Other strains of lactobacilli occur naturally in the nose, throat and the gastrointestinal tract. The lactobacillus cell wall fragments activate switches (called cytokines) that stimulate T, B and NK cells that serve as the army that helps protect us from a wide variety of pathogens.

Background excerpt obtained from

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Video/Pictures: Mary Jo Colli, Kurt Komoda, Mike Lee, The Mulford Family
Stories: Mary Jo Colli, Mike Lee, Lisa Melendez