August 2006 Newsletter

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Student of the Month

- Elena Kosygina -

Elena Kosygina

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Sifu Recommends a Book

- Freedom from the Known -

Freedom from the Known
Freedom from the Known,
by Jiddu Krishnamurti

In this classic work, Krishnamurti shows how people can free themselves radically and immediately from the tyranny of the expected, no matter what their age. And, by first changing themselves, people can then change the whole structure of society and their relationships. The vital need for change and the recognition of its very possibility constitute the rich essence of Krishnamurti's message in Freedom from the Known. Major themes include: Awareness, Man's Search, and The Tortured Mind. Once again the great teacher provides a brimming spiritual well from which readers may profitably draw.

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- 2006 Martial Arts Supershow -

Sifu Rick was once again invited to this year's Martial Arts Supershow in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Supershow, known more commonly as the MAIA show, is the largest martial arts tradeshow held in the country and features exhibitors, speakers, and legends in the martial arts world.

Sifu Rick pictured with martial arts greats Matt Hughes, Gene Labell, and Mike Swain

In addition to being an invited speaker, Sifu Rick also taught two rigorous certification courses in Jeet Kune Do and the Filipino Martial Arts over the course of two days. School owners and instructors - Black Belts in their own arts - with a desire to expand their martial arts skills and add to their school's curriculum attended the private training sessions. Each student received personalized instruction that took them through the basics of the art up to the requirements of Basic Trainer Certification. Everyone did great.

Participants in the Filipino Martial Arts workshop received excellent personalized instruction.

On Saturday, Sifu Rick held a public workshop in Silat. Over 50 participants, some completely new to Silat, learned hands-on the effectiveness of Silat as Sifu covered a variety of throws, sweeps, entries, and other techniques not common in mainstream martial arts. Thanks to MMA figher/trainer Max Bishop, for assisting in the workshop. Mr. Bishop is also a student of Gene Labell and a top student of Gokor.

Sifu pictured with assistant Max Bishop (Sifu's right) and Mr. Bishop's students.

- Oregon Thai Camp 2006 -

Written by Chul Choe

This year for Thai camp, the camp crew included myself (Chul), Khun Kru Mike Lee, (Khun) Kru Neil Acevedo, and Jim Robinson. We all met up at Portland airport, rented a car and headed down to Silver Falls, Oregon. There was a stopped off at a Quizno's to get some last minute sandwiches because after that it would be Thai food for the rest of the time. We arrived at the camp site and set up our sleeping quarters, which consisted of wooden bunk beds in a large, shared cabin. After getting situated, the crew paid our respects to Ajarn Chai and to the rest of the campers. We all tried to get to bed as early as possible because of the 3 mile daily run at 6:30 in the morning. The run was tough because of the steep hills, but the quality of the air made up for the hills (it's a little different than breathing New Jersey air).

(left) Ajarn Chai showing proper form on the knee, (center) The training field at dawn, (right) Professor Trigg gives a boxing workshop.

After the runs, it was breakfast time followed by a short break and then the morning training sessions. The morning sessions were very informative and offered a great opportunity to work on form. Ajarn Chai really stressed form this year and watched us all as we performed different drills at about 5-6 different stations. Khun Kru Mike Lee was teaching at the various stations and providing excellent instruction to everyone as usual. I was lucky enough to work with Khun Kru Neil in a lot of the drills because he was able to analyze the techniques and explain them to me. After the morning sessions were complete, it was time for the fighters group, which consisted of 3 on 1 plumb, lots of body builders and about a 1 mile run. After the run it was time for lunch. Finding his second wind, Jim was always able to make his way to the front of the line using his football skills. Thanks for clearing a path, Jim.

After lunch it was time for the afternoon session which consisted of heavy bags, clinch work, timing drills, shadow boxing, and Thai pads. After that it was usually more body builders, 3 on 1 plumb, and another run. On several of the days, the training sessions lasted about 9 hrs making it very easy to fall asleep at night.

(left) PAMA group enjoying Silver Falls in between workouts, (center) Silver Falls, (right) Chuck decides to cool of in 50 degree water

Other noteworthy events this year were the tour of Silver Falls, a beauty natural wonder in the heart of Oregon, and the annual written test, where those who failed (about 20 people this year) were treated to an additional 3 mile run, 50 pushups, 50 squat jumps, and 100 pushups. Contratulations Jim for passing his first written test, and yes... Tiger Kung Fu is a martial art.

The PAMA crew received an award for hard worker (Chul Choe) and Outstanding Instructor (Mike Lee). Also Neil Acevedo tested for his Associate Instructorship and earned the new title of Khun Kru Neil Acevedo. Neil now joins a select number of instructors that have earned this title. Overall Thai camp was an unbelievable training opportunity. The instruction and techniques learned were incredible and the increase in one's Muay Thai skills is tremendous. Thank you to Khun Kru Rick Tucci for providing an opportunity for all of us to attend this year's camp.


- Kids Sash Testing -

(left to right) Greg Smith, Theo Trevisan, Kyle Schuler, Nikita Volodin

Si Hing Max and Si Jay Carrie flank our newly successful sash test candidates & congratulate them on their hard work, discipline and patience in achieving their levels. We could see the result of extra-curricular work which made their presentations even more enjoyable for all to watch. The Gold Sash candidates were treated by observing student Greg Smith's advanced moves including well executed spin kicks & advanced grappling moves that his Blue Sash level required. All students outdid themselves in basic moves as well as grappling theory, and Sifu and Guro were glad to be present to witness the result of all their hard work. Congratulations all!

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Video Technique

- Learn a Technique from Sifu Rick -

Sifu demonstrates a front choke off the double pak sao.

Video 1: regular speed - slow motion

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Upcoming Events

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Dietary Supplement

- Noni Juice by Nature's Answer -

Noni Juice
Noni Juice by Nature's Answer

Noni , has been extensively used in folk medicine by Polynesians for over 2,000 years. Noni is a traditional food and medicine in many tropical areas including the Pacific Islands, Southeast Asia, India, and the Philippines. Ethnobotanical data is plentiful on the uses of the fruit, leaves, and root of the plant. Ancient Hawaiians used noni fruit for both internal and topical applications.

Noni is still used by the local population in Hawaii for sugar control diseases, high vascular pressure, heart health maintenance, abnormal growths, and other chronic disorders, although no controlled clinical studies exist to support these uses. Based on clinical practice and animal studies, a polysaccharide-rich substance from noni fruit juice attacks abnormal cells in several different ways.

Noni fruit juice seems to act indirectly against abnormal growths, primarily through immunostimulatory effects. Animal studies found that adding 10% noni fruit juice to drinking water for one week significantly reduced DNA adduct formation in rodents. DNA adducts change the shape of DNA and initiate the formation of abnormal cells (i.e. chemicals in cigarette smoke are known to cause DNA adducts thereby initiating lung abnormal growths in smokers).

Exerpt from Benefits Of Noni by Alicia Crawford

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Video/Pictures: Mary Jo Colli, Mike Lee, Amy Tucci
Stories: Chul Choe, Mary Jo Colli, Mike Lee, Max Wang