- March 2003 Newsletter -



New Afro-Brazilian Martial Arts Class

Capoeira, the thrilling Afro-Brazilian martial art concealed as dance, was developed in the 1500s by African slaves in Brazil and was introduced to the United States 23 years ago.  Capoeira classes are back to Princeton Academy of Martial Arts, every Wednesday night starting at 8:00 PM.  Visit the Pro Shop to sign up.  Learn more about the curriculum.  You can also visit www.capoeira.com.









Book of the Month

Sifu Rick Tucci came across an interesting book in his collection of martial arts books.  The book “Bruce Lee” was written by Bruce Lee's first student, Jesse Glover, in the early years of Bruce Lee's martial arts career.  Jesse Glover writes about Bruce Lee’s transition from Wing Chun to Jeet Kune Do when he was only 18 years old.  It is an inspiring book for the developing martial artist in you.  Published in 1976.




Savate Workshop

On Sunday February 9th Salem Assli gave a fun and exciting workshop in the martial art of Savate Boxe Francaise.  It was a full house at PAMA and we enjoyed 5 hour of intoxicating drills.  Savate is a valuable compliment to Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do.  Take a look at the pictures from the workshop.


Some students earned, by testing, an official Savate Glove (see list below).  Feel free to congratulate them next time you see them in class.  The progression of gloves goes from blue glove to green glove to red glove to white glove and finally to yellow glove for non-competing practitioners.  From there it advances to silver glove for competitive fighters.


Yellow Glove

-         Joseph Powell


Red Glove

-         Neil Acevedo

-         Mary Jo Colli

-         Mike Lee


Green Glove

-         Neil Campeas

-         Claude Chambus

-         Kurt Komoda

-         Ray Ng

-         Mario Rivera

-         Ryan Rosenberg

-         Mike Wolhfert


Blue Glove       

-         Pia Eerikainen

-         Hank Goodhue

-         Kim Huff

-         Eric Kaufmann

-         Sam Levine

-         Steve Lidz

-         Lisa Melendez

-         Gregg Smith

Find Sifu Rick

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Very Important…




Kali Video Tapes!!!

The Kali video tapes series, by Sifu Rick Tucci, is an invaluable addition to your martial arts study material.  It provides you with a reference library to a vast amount of information. The tapes are full of practical techniques for self defense and training methods for dealing with real life situations encountering a variety of weapons.




Workout Time

When there are no classes in the main training room you can use the room to train with a partner, like these people are doing...



OK, guys look alive for the camera...



Good.  Keep up the good work.  And this is what the assistant instructors do on Saturday after a long day at PAMA...