November 2004 Newsletter

Teacher Appreciation

October was teacher appreciation month, and it was apparent at PAMA just how much the students respect Sifu Rick and Guro Amy and all of the PAMA instructors. For Muay Thai students October 16 was the official teacher appreciation day. Students brought flowers, candles, and incense for their Muay Thai instructor Khun Kru Rick .

Guru Dan Inosanto Seminar

On October 30th and 31st wasanother one of Guru Dan Inosanto's semi-annual seminars hosted by PAMA at the picturesque Hun School in Princeton New Jersey. The seminar covered Jeet Kune Do/Jun Fan Gung Fu, Filipino Kali, and Maphilindo Silat.

For those of you that didn't actually get a chance to read the seminar pamphlet there is interesting information on there you may not be aware of:

Sifu Dan Inosanto is the heir to Bruce Lee's legacy of Jeet Kune Do and the only person ever to receive instructor certification in Jeet Kune Do personally from Bruce Lee. From 1964 to 1973, Sifu Inosanto was Bruce Lee's private student, sparring partner, training partner and chief instructor of the Chinatown JKD school in Los Angeles.

The drive up to the Hun School through the twisted hilly roads deep in the Princeton forest surrounded by fall leaves of all colors blowing in the wind was an uplifting way to start the seminar. People were in a good mood and ready to have a blast.

Guru Dan Inosanto started with some basic JKD drills but incorporated an interesting twist to them that opened your eyes to the possibilities. There was a good amount of time spent on a variety of trapping drills from JKD and Kali sometimes mixing the two. Both days included Kali sticks routines that were basic enough for the new people and insightful enough for the more veteran participants.

The seminar contained invigorating, wise and scholarly information from Dan Inosanto himself. Seeing Dan Inosanto in action and listening to his teachings rooted in profound knowledge gives a deeper appreciation for the Filipino martial arts... the amount of thought, field-testness, and refinement that went into these arts over a long period of time.

Instructor of the Month

NAME: Chris Cornaz

Chris Cornaz is an associate instructor under Sifu Rick Tucci. In fact he is the only associate instructor under Sifu Rick and holds the highest instructor title Sifu Rick has ever granted to date. Chris Cornaz is a Swiss national and operates his own martial arts academy in Geneva Switzerland called GAMA.

Chris has been practicing martial arts since he was a young boy at the age of eight years old. You could say he is from a martial arts family. His grandfather was a western boxing instructor and his uncle a Judo and karate instructor. As a young man Chris trained under both his grandfather and uncle in boxing, Judo, and karate. Chris also trained in other martial arts in his early years, such as Vietnamese martial arts, Chinese boxing, Muay Thai, and American kick boxing.

Chris met Sifu Rick in 1997 at a Guru Dan Inosanto seminar in Paris. In 1998 during a seminar Sifu Rick held in Paris France, Sifu Rick awarded Chris the apprentice instructor title. Chris renamed his school of four years from "Progressive Fighting Methods" to GAMA (Geneva Academy of Martial Arts) teaching the philosophy he learned from Sifu Rick. In October of 2003 Sifu Rick Tucci named Chris Cornaz an associate instructor, a prestigious title, while providing another seminar in Paris.

Chris teaches JKD, Kali, Silat, Muay Thai, combat submission wrestling (representing Eric Paulson), and women's kickboxing at his GAMA academy. Chris offers local seminars to local police enforcement agencies. Chris is also active in the ring, with six fights in Muay Thai of which all six are wins, six fights in kick boxing, and three fights in no-holds-barred submission wrestling. Chris grappled with Jerome Le Banner, a K1 fighter.

Chris told me he is really happy to be an instructor under Sifu Rick Tucci. He is honored and humbled by the opportunity. He believes Sifu Rick is very skillful, and thanks him from the bottom of his heart for all the knowledge he shared with him. "Love, compassion, and humility... I wouldn't be what I am today if it weren't for Sifu Rick. He is like a father to me" says Chris.

Chris deserves a special congratulations for his recent mariage to Esther, his Spanish/Swiss wife, who also practices kickboxing and is a fitness instructor. We wish you best of luck and lots of happiness, Chris - PAMA.

Guests From Geneva Switzerland

Associate instructor Chris Cornaz, two of his assistant instructors, and two of his students from his Geneva Academy of Martial Arts (GAMA) crossed an ocean to come to Princeton New Jersey to train under Sifu Rick for two intense weeks and attend the two day Guru Dan seminar. The one day break they had they walked New York City up and down North to South all day without taking a taxi to their next destination even once.

They look tough but they are friendly and have nicknames like "Panda". Hearing French at PAMA and training with guys from another continent and still flowing in the drills shows how JKD crosses continents and reaches people from all over the world. It's like coversing in a common language without using words.

We enjoyed their visit and hope they come again.

Guests From the UK

Also in from Europe this month were two students from the UK. Laurence Sandum, from Essex, England, pictured above, owns his own school in England, called the Fitness Academy. He has operated his school for six years, and is an Apprentice instructor under Sifu Dan Inosanto and i s a national coach for full-contact kickboxing. "I very much enjoyed the training at PAMA. I enjoyed the structure of the classes and found all of the students very friendly. I will return!", said Laurence. Accompanying Laurence was Paul Finn, also an apprentice under Sifu Inosanto.

We hope to see them again soon.

Book of the Month

The Filipino Martial Arts, as Tought by Dan Inosanto

In honor of Guru Dan Inosanto, and appropriate for teacher appreciation month, Sifu Rick selected this month a rare book written by Dan Inosanto on Filipino stick fighting. This book is no longer in print, but I am told if you are very lucky you can find a used copy on ebay for $150. The copy you see pictured here is Sifu Rick's copy, which happens to be in mint condition. I heard Bernie has a few copies as well.

Quoted from the back of the book:

Combat is as old as man himself. In the Philippines it developed to a degree of effectiveness unsurpassed anywhere in the world. The Filipino martial arts is an expression of man's indomitable will to survive adversity in the most direct and self-reliant manner possible.

There has been an obvious need for a book that coordinates and puts into perspective the roots and principals of a fighting art - a book that explains the relationships between weapons and empty hands, philosophy and history, asseses strengths and weaknesses, and finally, a book that liberates the mind from the classical way of thinking. Here now is that book.

Compilation of The Filipino Martial Arts has been a monumental task for the authors, representing over 1900 years of historical research, travel, observation and personal participation. Documentation of these arts have been supplemented with interviews with some of the last surviving Masters. Their daring exploits serve to ilustrate the most deadly fighting systems that the world has known. This volume is ilustrated with over 750 photographs and drawings and written by one of the most respected martial artists in the world.


From left to right: Sifu Rick Tucci, Adam Elga, and Thomas Everist

Congratulations to Adam Elga for passing the eight month JKD test, and to Thomas Everist for passing the four month JKD test. Tom is a law enforcing local police officer and a great guy. He is big but please don't climb on him. Remember not to practice your trapping while driving or he may issue you a ticket. Adam is an assistant professor at the Department of Philosophy in Princeton University. When you ask him what he does at the university be prepared to talk about topics in his papers and classes such as "Defeating Dr. Evil with self-locating belief" or "Infinitesimal chances and the laws of nature" or "Religious conviction, religious disagreement".

These JKD tests allow you gauge your progress in the JKD class. For more information about these tests or when the next one is scheduled please ask at the Pro Shop.

Sifu Rick Seminar in Florida

From left to right: Michael Lee, Mike Lee, Lee Barden, Rick Tucci.

On September 25 and 26 Sifu Rick gave a seminar in JKD, Kali, and Silat in Jacksonville Florida at the Karate Arts martial arts school of Lee Barden.

The seminar was offered to a crowd of about thirty people, almost a private lesson by industry standards. Sifu Rick met Lee Barden at a Las Vegas convension last year. Lee Barden's school teaches mostly karate and kung fu, and his students had little exposure to JKD, Kali, and Silat. The seminar participants seemed to enjoy the seminar greatly since a lot of the material they had never seen before. The Q and A session at the end of the seminar was also a hit.

Technique of the Month

This month Sifu Rick demonstrates a JKD trapping technique with help from associate instructor Chris Cornaz.

Sifu Rick uses a Jeet Tek stop kick to counter Chris's Jik Tek.
Sifu Rick uses a split entry Loy Da to counter Chris's jab
(on its own this could be considered ABD)
From the Loy Da Sifu Rick flows to a Lop Sao/back fist, which Chris blocks with a parry crossing the center line. (from here on this is an HIA)
Sifu Rick throws a Biu Gee (finger jab) countering the parry, which is met with forearm resistance by Chris.
Sifu Rick Pak Saos the obstructing arm and throws a simultaneous Biu Gee to the throat.
Sifu Rick follows with a Lop Sao/Chung Chuie.

Author: Asaf Ronen