November 2003 Newsletter


Dan Inosanto in Princeton

Dan Inosanto Inspiring Students

On October 25th and 26th, at the Hun School in Princeton, Sifu Dan Inosanto provided two full days of spirited and insightful instruction in the arts of Jeet Kune Do, Kali, and Silat, for the 15th consecutive year. The focus this year was on the critical most essential basic elements of the arts, and on mixing the arts to form an even more powerful and effective fighting awareness. Dan Inosanto provided a deeper understanding of the Filipino culture and roots in the Kali martial arts.

Students Training Kali

Over 150 people from a number of JKD schools, different levels of experience, and numerous states and cities, even from overseas, attended this seminar. Dan Inosanto's wisdom was overwhelming and highly respected, encouraging in many ways to strive for higher mastery of the martial arts and self improvement, and at the same time humbling. His presence puts things in perspective and helps you determine goals for your journey of self growth in the martial arts.

Sifu Dan Inosanto and Sifu Rick Tucci

Eric Paulson, Inosanto's student and world-famous grappling champion, assisted Sifu Dan Inosanto in the seminar. Eric also offered a separate three hour evening workshop to PAMA students in mixed grappling, covering ground techniques in setting up entries, various takedowns, and finishing holds.

Sifu Dan Inosanto and Eric Paulson

Student of the Month

Name: Mario Rivera

Q: Which martial arts have you studied to date and for how long?

A: Since 1999 I have and continue to study the following martial arts: Jun Fan, Kali, Silat, Muay Thai, Savate, and Mixed Grappling. PAMA has been my only source of professional martial arts training that I have received.

Q: How did you hear about PAMA? What influenced you to join PAMA?

A: I have always had an interest in any type of fighting arts and was partial to Sijo Bruce Lee's JKD. I researched what was available in New Jersey first through the phone book. Once I saw what PAMA had to offer I sent an e-mail inquiring on more information. Simo Amy replied back encouraging me to try a class, and once I did I was hooked (or at least I was learning how to defend against one).

Q: What is your impression of PAMA today? What do you like most about PAMA?

A: My impression is greater now than it was when I first joined, and continues to develop. By this I mean I don't take for granted all of the information and time Sifu Rick is sharing with his students. He has so much to offer and he does so willingly. When I am at PAMA I try to take it all in at that moment. What I like most of course is all of the arts that are offered at PAMA and at the highest level that they are taught. Of course all of my friends at the academy. All of the different training equipment available. I also love the format of the training schedule, it works well with my professional and personal schedule.

Q: What are your goals you hope to achieve through PAMA?

A: I have already achieved one of my goals at PAMA a few years ago when I tested for and passed my Jun Fan level two test. My other immediate goal at PAMA is to always learn something new from each class that I take regardless of what it is. I also have a deeper interest in the art of Kali which I will put more focus on in the future.

Sifu Rick in Paris

Sifu Rick Tucci and a handful of assistant instructors packed their bags and flew off to Paris France to accompany Sifu Rick while he taught a seminar. Story by Mary Jo Colli.

The Paris seminar excursion was a trip that will not soon be forgotten. The amount of sites, sounds and laughter that were packed into such a short trip is insurmountable. Those from PAMA who accompanied Sifu Rick included Neil Acevedo, Mike Lee, Mary Jo Colli, and Hank Goodhue.

On the first day Sifu Rick had an extensive photo shoot and interview with the French Martial Arts Magazine - Budo. Participating in the shoot with Sifu was Mike Lee affectionately referred to by the interviewer as "the Chinese People". The pictures were immediately viewed by the group via electronic download and they looked fantastic!

The seminar itself was two days and was held outside of Paris hosted by Sylvan DeCroisant. The arts that were covered included Jun Fan, Silat, and Kali. People from all over the world attended including our friends David and Vincent from Belgium, Chris and Luca from Geneva and Carrie from Princeton. The seminar was extraordinary and even included several variations of environmental training outdoors!

Exciting events that occurred were that Chris Cornaz was moved up to the rank of Associate 1st year under Sifu Rick and Luca Staeger was given his Apprentice instructorship. Chris is the first person ever under Sifu Rick to receive this distinction. Both gentlemen were touched and highly honored. Congratulations Chris and Luca!

Chris, Sifu, Luca

Amidst all of the martial arts related activity we did not waste any time seeing the sights of Paris. As you may have heard, driving around Paris is a job best reserved for the aggressive driver. Our group was driven around by none other then ESI certified Sifu Rick. He evasive and defensive driving tactics were unsurpassed! Many miles, or should we say kilometers, were put on the rental car zipping in and out of Paris.

We visited the exquisite Notre-Dame Cathedral and nearby Saint Michel, this historic Latin Quarter with ancient alleyways and cobbled lanes. Delicious chocolate crepes were enjoyed in front of the Tour Eiffel immediately before we scaled it. The grandeur of the Arc de Triomphe was viewed on our way to the Champs Élysées, considered by many to be the most famous avenue in the world. An evening was spent in Montmartre and we got to see the breathtaking view overlooking "The City of Lights" from Sacre Coeur Basilica on Montmartre hill. Between the trips to the cafes, restaurants, clubs, shops and sights our trip was nonstop laughter and exhilaration!

All of us had a wonderful time and would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Sifu Rick for allowing us to accompany him to Paris and assuring that we had a wonderful trip! The city has left us all with a vivid impression and wonderful memories. We would also like to extend a thank you, once again, to Sylvan and Mama DeCroisant for making us feel so welcomed.



Teacher Appreciation

October was teacher appreciation month, and PAMA students sure showed their appreciation to Sifu Rick Tucci by bringing flowers to PAMA and offering their thanks.

Instructor of the Month

Name: Ray Ng

Q: Which martial arts have you studied to date and for how long? (PAMA and non-PAMA)

A: I have previously trained in TaeKwonDo for 1.5 years, but not seriously before I came to PAMA.

Q: How did you get into martial arts? Where did you get the interest?

A: My uncle is a Sifu in White Eyebrow Kung Fu. I used to run and stretch with his students when I was kid. I got interested by watching a lot of "fighting" movies at an old theater in S.F. Chinatown. The movies were mainly Bruce Lee's and a very young Jackie Chan.

Q: How did you hear about PAMA? What influenced you to join PAMA?

A: I found an ad in the phonebook about PAMA. I was interested in JKD since I was 8 while looking through Bruce Lee's fighting methods books. There were no schools in S.F. teaching JKD, while I was growing up. So, I was very surprised to find one of the best schools only 25 min. from my house.

Q: What is your impression of PAMA today? What do you like most about PAMA?

A: I've found that the way the programs are structured at PAMA makes it a lot easier to learn the curriculum of each art. The classes are separated in different arts, so that one can appreciate the unique characteristics and cultural significance of each art. At the same time, we are highly encouraged to cross-train so that we can be more adaptable martial artists. What I like most about PAMA is the practicality and usefulness of everything that is taught. A student can attend a single class and walk away with something he/she can use immediately.

Q: What are your goals you hope to achieve through PAMA?

A: I hope to continually develop myself physically, mentally, and spiritually through the martial arts to the highest level I can achieve.

Q: What advice would you give students based on your experience as a student and instructor?

A: My advice would be to keep an open mind like a young child, and never stop learning.

Q: Which aspects of PAMA training could you offer help to students?

A: I can share my knowledge of the basic Jun Fan curriculum.

New PAMA Manager

Name: Bernard Seaborn

Bernard Seaborn is the new PAMA Manager. We asked Mr. Seaborn a couple of questions and here is what he had to say.

Q: What is the "PAMA Manager"? What should people know about what the PAMA Manager is? What are your responsibilities?

A: My duties currently include Pro Shop management, inventory control, student record administration, customer relations, etc. The job will eventually include school promotion, program development and oversight, and teaching responsibilities.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your experience at PAMA.

A: I joined PAMA in late February, after attending a Guru Dan Inosanto seminar in Queens, New York and purchasing one of Sifu’s Rick's Kali tapes. I had some limited experience with JKD concepts while living in Washington DC and training with a second-generation student of Guru Dan’s for a short time. After the seminar I visited the host school there in the city, but didn’t get the FEELING I was looking for. I had been told that Sifu Rick Tucci was a genuine JKD instructor, and since his school was only an hour or so away by train, I decided to check out PAMA. I came down on a Saturday and tried three classes, after which I immediately signed up. My experience at PAMA has been phenomenal. It fits like a glove.

Q: Effective when are you in this position?

A: Sometimes, after a late night of training, I would joke about not getting back on the train to return to New York. Sifu would offer me the hospitality of the academy, which I had to decline because of my work responsibilities and living situation. But when he informed me in early October that the position would be opening up, within a week I quit my job with a large advertising agency, gave up my upper east side apartment, boxed up my belongings and moved to PAMA to do what I have always dreamt of: becoming a full-time martial artist. On October 13th I humbly accepted the post as PAMA Manager.

Q: Now that you are the PAMA Manager is there anything you may want to tell people or want people to know?

A: As PAMA Manager I hope to promote the benefits of training with a REAL Jeet Kune Do man. There are many people out there claiming to teach Bruce Lee’s martial art philosophy. The magazines are filled with JKD experts who promise to teach you how to defeat in ten easy lessons. Their huge egos burden the shelves of bookstores and video libraries. They sell their students false confidence by the pound, and confuse the public with eclectic mishmashes of useless dribble.

Sifu Rick exemplifies the essence of Jeet Kune Do. He emphasizes the exploration of the self. He is not just a dealer of techniques and training methods, but a true student of life and human development. I believe that anyone who seriously trains at PAMA will not only become a better fighter, but also the best person they can be. I’d like to eventually lighten some of Sifu’s load, so that he can concentrate on teaching and creating. He loves his students, and he wants to give them his full attention. I’d like to think that I may help him do that, by assuming some of the business responsibilities.


Congratulations to Tony Arias, Ian Monaghan, and Jeffrey Mulford, from the children Jun Fan ages 8 to 13 class, for passing the test for Gold stash on October 11th.

Book of the Month

This month's book is actually a series of four books, written by Bruce Lee and illustrated with Bruce Lee's pictures. The series is called "Bruce Lee's Fighting Method". Volume one covers self-defense techniques. Volume two covers basic training. Volume three covers skill in technique. Volume four covers advanced techniques. The whole series is available at the Pro Shop.

Just In About our Instructors...

Sifu Rick Tucci renewed Neil Acevedo's apprentice instructorship in Jun Fan and Kali for the second year. Mary Jo Colli and Mike Lee received their first year apprentice instructorship in Jun Fan and Kali from Sifu Rick Tucci. And Cesar Olavarria received an apprentice instructorship in Kali from Sifu Rick. Congratulations to them and thanks for their assistance in training at PAMA. Let them know your appreciation.


Newsletter Author: Asaf Ronen