May 2005 Newsletter

Student of the Month

Elyssa Feder

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This month we say hello to a student who has been with us for a long while from a young age. Her name is Elyssa, and you can sure say martial arts plays a significant role in her life.

Click to enlargeHow many years have you been training in the youth class? Since what age?

I began training at age 6, I believe. So, from then until I moved to the adult classes at 14. Eight years.

How long have you been in the adult classes? Which classes?

I've been doing the adult classes for a little less than two years. I used to take the women's martial arts class, but now I just take Kali.

Click to enlargeHow did you get your interest in martial arts? What influenced you to join PAMA?

I first started martial arts because my father made me, actually. He just sent me to class one day. He said that it was important for me to be able to protect myself, because while I might never have to use it, I'd best know how to. No matter how much I complained, he kept making me go back. He told me I can't quit until I'm 18. I told him by then I might like it. I was right.

What drove you to keep coming back and train in martial arts all these years growing up?

Again, my father, at first. Eventually, however, I started actually enjoying myself.

How has training in martial arts helped you in day to day life?

Actually, the most helpful part of the training has been my reflexes. Tends to come in handy when all my books are falling out of my locker, when doors are closing on me. The other day a Health book went flying across the room by me and I just barely saw it to stop from walking right into its path.

How do you think your attitude changed over the years towards martial arts, if it changed at all? Do you think of it differently now that you are older?

I knew that if I kept going to martial arts I'd eventually learn to like it. As time passed I made some friends, got more comfortable with the atmosphere. Especially when I started Kali, I started finding some strangely therapeutic rhythm to all the exercises. Something about the sound of sticks, I don't know. I sing and dance, so I've learned to appreciate the rhythm in things that you wouldn't necessarily see unless you thought about it. Over time, I started liking martial arts. I knew it.

What is your favorite technique?

Five count sumbrada. As I was saying, motions have rhythm, and sumbrada has a rhythm that just makes me happy.

Sifu Recommends a Book

Warrior Arts of the Philippines

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"Warrior Arts of the Philippines" by Reynaldo S. Galang

Reynaldo visited us at the Dan Inosanto seminar in April (see seminar story below) and dropped off a few copies of this book. He has written a couple of books on martial arts from the Philippines, including books about Siniwali and Arnis. This book teaches techniques and is fully illustrated from cover to cover. It includes lots of information about the late Punong Guro Edgar Sulite of the Lameco system, as well as others. If you are training in the Kali class then this book would surely be a valuable addition to your library of reference material. It is now available in the PAMA proshop.

An Inspiring Good Deed - PAMA Student Helps Raise Money for St. Baldricks Cancer Fund

Jeffrey Mulford

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I am 12 years old. I have been training at PAMA for about two years. I have a blue sash.

The idea for my project started when my friend Chris Landis mentioned the fund-raiser to support fighting against cancer. I was immediately interested, because I feel bad for people who can't do anything they want just because of a sickness. I asked how I could help. He told me to help sell "Reach the Day" wrist bands, and that there would be a shaving for the helpers on April 16, to show how much you wanted to help. I sold some bands, and they announced when I got there, that we had raised over $8,000, that would go to the St. Baldricks cancer fund. It turned out that there were about 22 to 30 people shaving their heads, and some were girls, so that really showed how much they wanted to do it. I went up and got my head shaved, and after that, I felt great about myself and my spirits were high the rest of the day.

To find out more about this project, see

Dan Inosanto Seminar

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Once again Guro Dan Inosanto came over from the west coast with his assistant to our picturesque Princeton to offer a seminar in Kali, Silat, and JKD. People from all over joined for two full days to learn from Dan Inosanto himself. As always, Dan Inosanto came with a great attitude and delivered an intense and fun learning experience on multiple levels. The focus this year was on training methods and the importance of adapting and modifying. Inosanto taught us to place value in what we develop on our own as well as what we learn in class.

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Participants had a great time and even had time for a relaxing meal to break from the long day of training. Sifu Rick, Guro Amy, and PAMA's assistant instructors took Dan Inosanto out to dinner as can be seen in the pictures above.

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Learn a Technique From Sifu

This month Sifu Rick and assistant instructor Mike Lee bring to us another great technique video, this time from JKD (Jeet Kune Do). In this video Sifu Rick progresses from ABD (attack by drawing) to PIA (progressive indirect attack) to HIA (hand immobilization attack) to a figure four arm lock, bringing Mike down into an arm bar.

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PAMA Demonstration at Princeton Communiversity Festival

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Once a year in the heart of downtown Princeton the streets are closed to cars for one afternoon to bring in the crowds to celebrate with food, music, and shows. Our Princeton Academy of Martial Arts provided a demonstration at the festival of the various arts taught at the academy. Adult and youth students joined Sifu Rick and Guro Amy along with assistant instructors to put together an amazing show that drew more and more spectators as the demonstration progressed. Our one and only Bernie Dudley narrated the demonstration with energy and humor. Enjoy the pictures below.

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Third Year at the SuperShow in Las Vegas

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For the third year in a row Sifu Rick was invited to the Martial Arts SuperShow as a featured presenter, this time bigger than ever in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sifu Rick was accompanied by assistant instructors Bernie Dudley and Neil Acevedo. Unique this year, for the first time, Sifu Rick taught Kali to a select group of experienced martial artists (veteran black belts in other arts) specifically signed up for the intensive instructional module. Participation earned them a "Licensed Basic Trainer Level I" certificate in the following aspects of Kali: single stick, double stick, and single dagger. These students came from across the country, from such places as South Dakota, Georgia, and New England.

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Over 2,500 people attended the show. Sifu Rick was featured along with such prominent martial artists as Judoka Mike Swain. The show included manufacturers, vendors, and professionals from the martial arts industry.

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Dietary Supplement for the Conscious Mind


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Quotes from Great Thinkers

    "Beginners acquire new theories and techniques until their minds are cluttered with options. Advanced students forget their many options. They allow the theories and techniques that they have learned to recede into the background. You will discover that the quality of your consciousness is more potent than any technique or theory or interpretation." - Lao Tzu (600 B.C.E.)

    "Ultimately, you must forget about technique. The further you progress the fewer teachings there are. THE GREAT PATH is really NO PATH." - Morihei Ueshiba

    "You may have perfect technique as a singer or a poet. You may know how to paint or put words together, but without this creative beauty inside, your talent will have very little significance." - Krishnamurti

    "Our biggest misconception we hold about the information age is that information by itself somehow makes us wise." - Lost Secretes of the Shaolin Temple

Editor: Asaf Ronen
Photographs by Neil Acevedo, Rob Arias, John Enciso, Ed Greenblat, Mike Lee, Asaf Ronen